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Two Arrested After Drive-By Shooting in Rainier Beach

Seattle Gang Unit Detectives arrested two men suspected of opening fire on a Rainier Beach home late Monday night.

Just after 11pm Monday, police responded to a 911 call of a shooting in the 9800 block of 57 Ave S.

When officers arrived, they located .45 caliber bullet casings at the scene and found that two homes and a parked car had been struck by gunfire. Thankfully no one was injured.

Later in the evening, a man called 911 and told police he’d been targeted in the shooting. The man said he his vehicle was damaged in the incident, but he was uninjured.

When officers met with the man, he told them he was driving on Renton Ave S. when he noticed a silver Audi A6 following him. After the victim turned off Renton Ave S on to 57 Ave Someone in the Audi opened fire on his vehicle. The gunfire only grazed the victim’s car.

Hours later, around 1 AM Tuesday, Gang Unit detectives spotted the silver Audi near 51 Ave S and S Pilgrim St. Gang detectives stopped the Audi and found three people and two handguns in the car.

After gang detectives discovered two of the men in the car—a 22 year-old man and 23 year-old man—were felons and unable to legally possess firearms, they arrested the men for felony weapons violations and impounded the vehicle. Officers released the third passenger from the scene.

Detectives are now investigating whether Monday’s incident is related to any other recent shootings, which have led police to bolster patrols in the Rainier Valley.