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SPD Investigating Pepper Spray Altercation In Westlake Park

Seattle police have opened an investigation after receiving reports that a mall security guard pepper sprayed several people during a Saturday demonstration in downtown Seattle.

Demonstrators at a rally in Westlake Park flagged down bike officers around 12:40 PM Saturday and reported that a shirtless white male had been picking fights with protesters.

Witnesses told police the shirtless man then became involved in an altercation with a 26-year-old man—who was not part of the demonstration—shortly before a Westlake Mall security guard stepped in and confronted the men.

The guard reportedly pepper sprayed the 26-year-old man and began escorting him to the Westlake Mall security office.

Officers caught up to the guard and 26-year-old outside the mall and separated them from a gathering crowd, allowing the guard to provide the man with medical treatment in the Westlake security office.

Police took statements from the 26-year-old and the guard and released both men at the scene. Officers asked the 26-year-old if he wanted Seattle Fire Department medics to respond to the scene, but he declined additional medical treatment.

Officers were unable to find the shirtless white man who had reportedly sparked the incident.

Police are now gathering evidence and statements as they investigate this case. SPD is also reviewing an additional report from a woman who said the guard also pepper sprayed her during the demonstration.