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Women Wanted For Robbing Niketown With Foot Measuring Tool

SPD’s gumshoe detectives are on the case after two women stole bags of clothes from Niketown on Wednesday after threatening staff with a metal foot measuring tool.

The two women walked into Niketown—located in the 1500 block of 6th Avenue—around 12:30 PM and began stuffing clothing and other items inside shopping bags.

Niketown staff suspected the pair planned to shoplift from the store, so one employee called 911 while another group of staffers and gathered around the store’s front doors in an effort to deter the suspects.

When one of the suspects spotted employees clustered around the store’s exit, she grabbed a hefty metal foot measuring device from Niketown’s shoe section. The suspects then brandished the foot measuring tool at staff members and forced their way out of the store.

In their haste to flee the scene, the two heels dropped their foot measuring tool as they exited the store. The pair beat feet and fled to a white Ford Escape with out-of-state plates and sped away from the scene before officers could swoosh in.

Got any info that could give police a sporting chance of catching these Niketown robbers? Please give SPD’s Robbery Unit a call at (206) 684-5535. Just do it.