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Woman Arrested at Demonstration In Case of Mistaken Identity

The Seattle Police Department is reviewing a Monday incident at a downtown demonstration after a woman was arrested in an apparent case of mistaken identity.

An officer arrested the woman around 6 PM Monday, after misidentifying her as a suspect in a violent incident at a demonstration two days earlier. In that incident—which was captured on video uploaded to Youtube—two men and a woman shoved an officer and attempted to pull an assault suspect away from police as they took him into custody.

On Monday night, the officer—who had previously viewed the Youtube clip—was working at a demonstration event downtown when he saw a woman he believed was the female suspect from the video.

The officer contacted the woman, took her into custody, and booked her into the King County Jail.

Detectives investigating the December 8th incident received notification of the woman’s arrest Tuesday, and quickly determined she was not the correct suspect in the case.

Detectives learned the woman had already been released from jail, so they contacted the city attorney’s office to clarify that the woman mistakenly arrested Monday was not suspected on any charges.