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Drunk Men Arrested After Turning Backyard Into Makeshift Shooting Range

Seattle police arrested two very drunk men early Sunday after they set up a makeshift shooting range in their backyard and fired volleys of shots through car windows, a tree, and into a neighbor’s bedroom.

Police first received reports of gunfire near the 9100 block of 50th Avenue South around 1:20 AM Sunday, but weren’t able to find any damage or victims.

Forty minutes later, at 2 AM, police again received reports of gunshots in the same area. This time, officers found a truck, van, and car with shattered windows and a tree with bullet damage in the 9100 block of 48th Avenue S. Officers also spoke to a resident who said he had nearly been struck by a bullet fired into his home from a neighbor’s yard.

When officers searched the yard of the neighboring home, they found two extremely drunk men sitting on a patio, near two dozen shell casings and a ledge lined with shattered beer bottles..

Police weren’t able to find a gun on either of the suspects, but they learned one of the men–who lives at the home–had stashed his pistol in his bedroom when he heard sirens approaching.

Officers seized the gun and arrested the two men–who are both 22–and booked them into the King County Jail for reckless endangerment.