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Man Arrested After Pulling Knife Outside Two Different Capitol Hill Bars

A 24-year-old man was arrested by police on Capitol Hill early this morning after he pulled a knife on a man who had complimented his shoes.

The suspect reportedly walked past the victim outside the R Place nightclub at Boylston Avenue and East Pine Street around 1 AM. When the victim offered his unsolicited approval of the suspect’s Timberland boots, the 24-year-old man responded with a homophobic slur. He then pulled out a knife and charged at the victim, who ran into R Place and contacted security.

The suspect continued east on Capitol Hill until he stopped at another bar in the 1100 block of E. Pike St. The suspect tried to enter the bar, presenting an expired ID card at the door, but a bouncer refused to let him inside. The suspect tried to start a fight with the bouncer, only to be rebuffed. He then drew a blade from his boot and rushed at the bouncer, who slammed the bar’s door in the man’s face. A witness reported seeing the suspect stab the bar’s door several times before walking away. An officer spotted the man moments later at 10th Ave and Pike St. and took him into custody.

Police booked the suspect into the King County jail for harassment, malicious harassment and a warrant out of Wenatchee.