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Police Find Firearm After Catching Felon Drinking In Minivan

Officers arrested a felon for a weapons violation Wednesday after he was spotted drinking in a minivan on Capitol Hill.

Police responded to a report of people drinking inside a vehicle in the 100 block of Broadway E. at 1:20 am Wednesday. Officers arrived and spotted a man sitting in the back of a minivan with an open bottle of brandy on the floor.  Officers figured out a 29-year-old man and convicted felon in the vehicle had been driving the van before pulling over for a drink, despite having a suspended license and a court-ordered requirement to only drive vehicles with ignition interlock devices. The van had no such device.

After arresting the 29-year-old, officers noticed a box underneath his seat, which contained a handgun. As a felon, the man is legally prohibited from possessing firearms.  Officers booked the man into King County Jail for firearms violations, driving with a suspended license, and driving a vehicle without an interlock device.