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Bike Officer Saves Man From Overdose in Downtown Seattle

A West Precinct bike officer saved a man’s life Tuesday morning after he recognized the man’s symptoms and administered Narcan.

Officer David Warnock was riding through McGraw Square Downtown Tuesday just after 10:30 A.M. when he saw a male in medical distress.  He immediately called for Seattle Fire Department Medics and began to evaluate the 54-year-old man.  Officer Wanock recognized the man’s symptoms as a possible opioid overdose and quickly administered Narcan. The man initially responded to the Narcan but his condition deteriorated to the point where Officer Warnock needed to do CPR to keep the man alive.

Seattle Fire Department Medics arrived and took over medical care and transported the man to Sweedish Medical center where he is currently recovering.

The Seattle Police Department has been equipped with Narcan since 2016 and wants to remind people that Washington State is home to the Good Samaritan Overdose law which encourages people to call 911, should they seek medical help for someone having an overdose, without fear of being charged for having or using a small amount of drugs.