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WOOP WOOP It’s the Potty Police

Love them or hate them, we should all be able to agree that you shouldn’t steal bidets. But that’s just what one man did when he attempted to defraud a Seattle toilet supply shop last month.

The case began back in March when the suspect called up a Fremont toilet retailer and ordered up 10 high-end bidet seats, valued at $1,500 each. The shop agreed to ship off the bidets on April 10th. Shortly after sending off the shipment, the company received notice that the whole purchase had been made with a fraudulent credit card. They later found the bidets listed for sale on Offer Up and called police on April 25th.

Police contacted the seller and set up a meeting to buy the bidets at a package shipping store. Officers learned the suspect in the original bidet fraud had the items shipped to the storefront, but had failed to retrieve them. A shipping center employee, in an apparent attempt to become flush with cash, then decided to post the bidets for sale online.

Police seized the bidets and returned them to the Fremont business. The identity of the suspect behind the toilet seat scam remains under investigation.