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Officers Arrest Two Men After Shots Fired Outside Fremont Convenience Store

Police arrested two men Monday night after one of them smashed a car window with a baseball bat, and the other pulled a gun and opened fire outside of a Fremont convenience store.

Around 9:55 PM, a parking enforcement officer reported in that a man was firing a gun outside of a convenience store in the 300 block of North 36th Street.

Officers arrived at the scene, but the suspect and victim had both fled the area.

A clerk at the convenience store told officers that two groups of men got into a fight and one man pulled out a baseball bat and struck the window of a vehicle. The vehicle’s owner took offense to this, pulled out a handgun, and fired five rounds, striking two nearby cars.

Officers searched the area and found the man with the bat and arrested him for an unrelated warrant. The 23-year-old man confirmed details of the skirmish and told officers that the gunman had gotten into a red Dodge SUV.

Hours later, officers spotted a red Dodge SUV with a shattered window driving in the 14300 block of Linden Avenue North without any lights on. They pulled the vehicle over and discovered the driver, an 18-year-old man, was the suspect from the shooting and took him into custody.

Officers booked both men into King County Jail, the 23-year-old for his warrant and the other for investigation of aggravated assault and drive-by shooting.