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Officers Rescue Dog From Dock

SPD Harbor and Patrol officers rescued a dog earlier this month after he escaped from his doggie daycare, swam out into the lake and got stuck under a dock, which is perhaps to be expected when you’re a dog named INDIANA BONES!!!

(*in extremely Sean Connery voice* “We named the dog, Indiana!”)

Police were called to the 900 block of Fairview Avenue North around 8:45 pm on August 2nd after receiving a report that Indiana Bones–a terrier, and presumably a professor of barkeology–had run off from his daycare, swam about 200 yards in the lake, and then gotten stranded on a patch of dry land under a dock.

SPD’s Harbor Unit and patrol officers responded to the scene and initially tried to send in a police diver to reach Indy, but they were unable to get to him. Harbor officers then pried up a board on the dock, discovered they were digging in the *right* place, and safely retrieved the dog and returned him to his owner.