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Moving Forward, Looking Ahead

Since my public swearing in one year ago today, the focus of the Department has been on five guiding principles in service to our community:

  • Reduce Crime and Disorder
  • Service Excellence
  • Honor and Professionalism
  • Business Efficiencies
  • Data-Driven Policies and Practices

Equally important, we have been listening to all levels of the Department and our community as we continue to set a new national standard for equitable, constitutional policing.

Today, I want to update you on what we would like to accomplish over the next two years with the release of our new strategic plan.

We will continue to improve and innovate. We will also keep working to meet our community’s expectations, while leading the way as one of the best departments in the country.

It has been an amazing year, and it is a tremendous honor to serve alongside Seattle’s finest.

Thank you for your continued support.