SPD Community Snapshots

An internship like no other

SPD summer interns have been keeping busy. With classroom and in field exercises this is truly an internship like no other. Take a peek.

Recognizing great work

We continue to recognize great work both in the community and within our own ranks. Let’s spotlight just a few of examples of service, pride and dedication.

Michael Fast’s quick actions to intervene in an assault saved a woman’s life.

Officer Leroy Outlaw saw a serious car crash and provided CPR to a lifeless child who eventually made a full recovery.
Officer Jared Campbell’s quickly identified the signs of an overdose and provided CPR.
Officers Aaron Marshall, Joshua Vaaga, Cara Reardon, and Michael Gore all helped rescue a developmentally disabled person who had taken during an auto theft.

Mary Perry, who is retiring, has been a strong advocate for transparency in the Police Department as well as fighting for workplace equity, and for technological advancements to streamline efficiency.

SPD Harbor and Patrol officers rescued a dog earlier this month after he escaped from his doggie daycare, swam out into the lake and got stuck under a dock, which is perhaps to be expected when you’re a dog named INDIANA BONES!!!

Pro Tip: Keep your building secure

Big Day of Play

Night Out at Van Asselt Community Center

A few snaps from Night Out via the good folks at the Van Asselt Community Center.