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Monday – July 20th 2020

#2020-218274/East Precinct/Second Watch: 

On 7-20-2020 at approximately 1719 hours, SPD East Precinct Officers responded to the 4300 Block of E Madison Street for the report of a subject in crisis. The crisis subject, who was known to Officers, intentionally banged his head on a stop sign, causing a large bleeding injury. 

The man then jumped into Lake Washington and swam from Madison Park – across Lake Washington – to within 100 feet of Medina. While swimming, the man was almost struck by several boats. SPD Harbor, Mercer Island Harbor, SFD, and CIT officers responded on boats and worked with the subject, ensuring his safe passage, before they eventually got him into a boat. He was then transported back to Madison Park, before being taken to Harborview Medical Center for a psychological evaluation in accordance with the Involuntary Treatment Act. The crisis was resolved with no force being used.

#2020-218234/West Precinct/Second Watch: 

Subject called 911 to report that he had accidentally fired his handgun in his apartment. Subject advised officers that he had recently purchased a shiny new Glock and had read about dry fire practice on the internet. He stated that he followed all of the rules of firearm safety and even chose a wall that was shared with the parking garage because it was solid concrete behind the sheet rock. Unfortunately, he failed to remove the magazine before clearing the chambered round, thus leaving a live round chambered. Officers inspected the scene and except for some slight ringing in the subject’s ear, nobody was injured. The firearm was not seized.

#2020-218320/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 07-20-2020 @ 18:16 hours, in the 3200 block of M L King Way South an intoxicated suspect riding a bicycle became upset at a couple pushing their stroller down the sidewalk. A physical fight occurred between the suspect and the couple. The female victim sustained a possible felony level injury to her neck. Her husband sustained minor injuries. An area check for the suspect yielded negative results.