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Tuesday – July 21st 2020

#2020-219049/West Precinct/Second Watch: 

On 7-21-2020 at 1440 hours, the victim was standing at a bus stop in Interbay. A known suspect, who purportedly blamed the victim for causing his eviction, drove around the suspect, against traffic on 15th Ave West and brandished a handgun. The suspect drove away, came back, and fired a single 9mm shot at the victim. An area check for the suspect was negative. There was no property damage or injury.

#2020-219310/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 7-21-2020 at 1947 hours, officers responded to the following: “5 minutes ago, man threw phone, broke it and attempted to set fire to the apartment. Suspect has a rifle and a handgun,” according to the victim. Officers were able to get the victim out of the apartment and to safety. Upon interviewing the victim, probable cause was developed to arrest the suspect. He was known to officers as someone who had been “Security” at the CHOP, and had long guns, body armor and a ballistic helmet. Due to the weapons threat, officers set up containment, notified SWAT, Hostage Negotiation Team was on scene, along with a Lieutenant. Upon completion of a search warrant and SWAT getting set-up, Hostage Negotiation Team contacted the suspect and after several minutes, was able to get him into custody without incident. 

#2020-219395/North Precinct/Third Watch: 

On 7-21-2020 at 2133 hours, the North Precinct was notified of a group of 40-50 protesters that arrived in the Ballard area. Additional reports came in from community members as the group roamed the area: “50-100 subjects in Ballard Commons park, using loudspeakers, sounds like demo, doesn’t sound violent, 10 vehicles and multiple bikes parked, blocking eastbound and westbound roadway. Approximately 300 subjects spray painting and blocking streets with their vehicles. Complainant reporting multiple people on her property, part of the demonstration, shining lights into her windows, yelling for people who live there to come outside. The group (10 vehicles, 5 motorcycles, 30-50 subjects) is marking stop signs with graffiti and telling neighbors to come outside.” At 0020 hours, the group staged and rallied in the Ballard Market parking lot. They dispersed several hours later. As of the writing of this SIR, no graffiti or property damage had been located.

#2020-219427/East Precinct/Third Watch: 

On 7-21-2020 at 2238 hours, East radio began receiving calls of shots fired near 23 Av and E Cherry St. Shortly after that, radio updated that two subjects had arrived at local hospitals. Both would eventually end up at Harborview Medical Center. Homicide Detectives are investigating.