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Burglary Suspect Arrested this Morning in West Seattle

Officers arrested a 46-year-old man in West Seattle this morning after he called police about his missing wallet, which he had left behind during an earlier burglary.

On Friday, August 14th, just after 3:00 AM, officers were called to the 6600 block of SW Admiral Way to investigate a burglary. The complainant told officers that an unknown male had entered her apartment and that she had awoken to find a man standing next to her bed.

The woman and her boyfriend told the suspect to leave, which he did. The couple then called 911.

The couple provided police with a description of the man, including the fact that he might have had a dog with him. Officers searched the area but did not locate the suspect. However, a backpack the suspect had left behind was found at the scene.

Officers examined the contents of the backpack and located identification of the possible suspect. The physical description on the ID matched the description of the suspect provided by the victims.

At approximately 8:30 AM, the 46-year-old male suspect called 911 to report that an unknown person had stolen his wallet within the past 10 minutes. The man identified himself by the same name that was on the identification left at the burglary scene. When police contacted the man, he declined to file a report, but officers noticed he was wearing similar clothing as described by the victims, and he was in possession of a dog.

The original burglary victims were brought to the scene where they positively identified the suspect. The suspect was arrested and later booked into the King County Jail. Animal Control officers responded to take custody of the suspect’s dog, and may be opening an investigation into possible criminal animal abuse, as there was evidence of recent injuries to the dog.

Detectives will handle the follow up investigation.