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Tuesday – August 18, 2020

#2020-242984/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 8-18-2020 at 0408 hours, a second fire was reported at the same location in 24 hrs. A shopping cart with kindling in it was ablaze when officers drove by. Officers stopped and extinguished the fire. 

The Seattle Fire Department responded.  The burning cart was next to an unoccupied vehicle with the gas cap off and a paper or kindling stuffed in the spout as a makeshift fuse. No suspect was seen. 

#2020-242991/North Precinct/First Watch:

On 8-18-2020 at 0430 hours, a security guard, working at private residence, was out of her car when a vehicle drove by her vehicle and shot a single shot through the driver’s door into the driver’s seat. The vehicle did not stop and fled the scene. The suspect vehicle was not located. 

#2020-243437/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 8-18-2020 at 1407 hours, officers responded to a call of shots fired near Cleveland HS. The call stated that a female suspect brandished a pistol, threatened the victim and then fired a round into his car before fleeing on foot. The suspect was located several blocks away and positively ID’d by the victim. the suspect admitted to shooting the vehicle and described where she had left her pistol in a nearby alley. The pistol was recovered and the suspect was booked into King County Jail on multiple felony charges. 

#2020-243677/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 8-18-2020 at 1950 hours, a group of approximately 50 demonstrators gathered in the area of West Wood Village. The group then walked in the streets heading north on Delridge Way SW with several vehicles blocking traffic as they marched. They stopped outside the Southwest Precinct main entrance where they spoke, constructed a candlelight vigil, and wrote messages on the building exterior in chalk. The group departed in vehicles at approximately 2330hrs without further incident.