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Wednesday – September 2, 2020

#2020-256278/Southwest Precinct/First Watch: On 9-2-2020 at 0351 hours, officers responded to a vehicle vs tractor trailer (USPS) collision with injuries. The collision occurred on SR 99 @ 509 near S Holden St. Officers and Seattle Fire arrived on scene. SFD advised that the occupants needed to be extricated from the vehicle. SFD extricated… [ Keep reading ]

Tuesday – September 1, 2020

#2020-256129/East Precinct/Third Watch: On 9-1-2020 at 2121 hours, a group of approximately 75 rioters attacked the East Precinct. The Arson Bomb Squad recovered evidence from 3 Improvised Incendiary Devices (Molotov Cocktails) that had been thrown at the precinct. ABS, ATF, and FBI will conduct the follow-up.  #2020-256191/East Precinct/Third Watch: On 9-1-2020 at 2257 hours, officers were dispatched… [ Keep reading ]

Monday – August 31, 2020

#2020-254566/North Precinct/First Watch: On 8-31-2020 at 0352 hours, a male said he met up with the suspects at a local grocery store. The suspects asked the victim if he wanted to get high and he agreed. They began to walk away from the store. At some point the victim stated… [ Keep reading ]

Sunday – August 30, 2020

#2020-253759/West Precinct/Third Watch: On 8-30-2020 at 0012 hours, officers responded to multiple reports of street racers driving recklessly near 1st Av S and S King St. When officers arrived, they were met by a large crowd of hostile individuals who refused to leave and physically confronted the officers. A plan… [ Keep reading ]

Saturday – August 29, 2020

#2020-253325/South Precinct/Second Watch: On 8-29-2020 at 1218 hours, a King County Sheriff’s Deputy was driving his 2015 PIU southbound on Airport Way S after clearing from a call. He was not traveling to another call and was not driving with his emergency lights or siren activated. Witnesses reported that the… [ Keep reading ]

Friday – August 28, 2020

#2020-252381/North Precinct/First Watch: On 08-28-2020 at 1041 hours, an unknown male entered the bank and produced a large silver revolver to the employee who greeted him at the southwest door connected to the parking garage. The suspect pointed the gun at the victim and walked him behind the teller window… [ Keep reading ]