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Friday – September 11, 2020

#2020-264303/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 9-11-2020 at 0110 hours, officers responded to the report of a stabbing in the International District. Two victims were located on-scene. One victim had stab wounds to his back, abdomen, and a possible head injury. The second victim had a stab wound to the base of his neck and a possible spinal injury. Multiple witnesses were interviewed at the scene, but none could provide a suspect description. The victims were transported to Harborview Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries. 

#2020-264342/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 9-11-2020 at 0256 hours, a sedan was driving south on MLK Jr Wy S and turned east on S Holly St, presumably with the protected turn arrow. A northbound SUV ran the red light and collided into the sedan. Both occupants of the sedan were killed. The passenger sustained substantial injury, while the driver sustained minor injuries. He was evaluated by a DRE and blood samples were obtained via warrant. The suspect will be booked for Investigation of Vehicular Homicide (x2) and Vehicular Assault. 

#2020-264390/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 9-11-2020 at 0528 hours, Seattle Fire and South precinct personnel were dispatched to a house fire in the 8600 block of 44th Ave. S. Two residents were inside and safely removed. Numerous fire sets and flammable liquid, presumably gasoline, were also noted. 

A Fire Marshal and the Arson Bomb Squad were requested. The investigation is on-going. 

#2020-264914/South Precinct/Second Watch: 

On 9-11-2020 at 1825 hours, a vehicle drove through the 9200 block of Rainier AV S and an unknown suspect fired multiple shots into the parking lot of a grocery store. The possible targets may have been the people inside three vehicles in the lot, who fled the area following this incident. No victims, property damage, or evidence were located. An area check was negative. 

#2020-264941/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 9-11-2020 at 1900 hours, SPD responded to a report of a male who fell down a freight elevator shaft at an abandoned building in the South Lake Union area. Upon arrival, SPD officers found the male had landed five stories below on top of a non-functional freight elevator. Seattle Fire used high angle rescue team to reach and extract patient, transported to Harborview Medical Center, where he was pronounced deceased. 

#2020-264979/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 9-11-2020 at 1958 hours, a uniformed SPD Patrol Officer was on duty driving a marked patrol vehicle. The Officer was attempting to make a left hand turn onto a side street. An Audi was traveling the opposite direction and collided with the patrol vehicle. The Audi lost control, crashed into a telephone pole, a Kia Soul, and came to rest against a tree. The Patrol Officer, Audi driver and passenger, and Kia driver are ok. There were no injuries, just damages to all three vehicles. 

#2020-265093/East Watch/Third Watch: 

On 9-11-2020 at 2231 hours, via security video, the east clerk observed a group of 10-15 outside the East Precinct, throwing garbage over the fence. Knowing a previous night this same activity was followed with an attempt to light the items on fire, officers responded outside. A group was walking eastbound on Pine St. Officers followed the group, and they eventually began moving back towards the precinct. The group was dressed in all black with faces covered and some with backpacks and helmets. They were also pushing a large cart that they were throwing items into that they collect along the way. Items included cones, sidewalk signs, and more garbage. Concerned there would be an attempt to ignite items on fire at the precinct, officers moved in to seize the cart full of debris. The group abandoned the cart and took off running into the park. Officers stopped following the group at this point.  No arrests made, no force used, and no damage to the precinct other than garbage left behind.