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Saturday – September 12, 2020

#2020-265234/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 9-12-2020 at 0522 hours, Seattle Fire responded to a fire in the 1000 block of Sturgus Ave. S. The fire was located in an area previously burned during an arson at that location on 08/20/20, 20-244866. Fire Marshal contacted the Arson Bomb Squad. The investigation is ongoing. 

#2020-265547/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch: 

On 9-12-2020 at 1542 hours, officers responded to a robbery at 11th Ave SW/SW Holden St. The victim had been offered a ride. When the victim tried to exit the vehicle, he was struck by a hard object, possibly a gun. The victim suffered a laceration to his head. The suspects stole the victim’s backpack and fled in a vehicle. Officers were unable to locate the suspect. 

#2020-265560/South Precinct/Second Watch: 

On 9-12-2020, a male (Suspect 1) was following his brother’s stolen vehicle as it was being driven through the South Park area. At one point, Suspect-1 fired the first shot, but struck his own side mirror. He then continued following the stolen vehicle and the driver of that vehicle began to lose control as he traveled across the 16th South Bridge. The stolen vehicle struck a family driving in their pickup (no significant injuries) causing the stolen vehicle to roll over, landing upside down. Suspect-1 and the driver of the stolen vehicle (Suspect-2) both exited their vehicles. As Suspect-2 tried to escape, Suspect-1 fired another shot, and then a third shot when Suspect-2 was on the ground. Suspect-2 was shot in the leg with a non-life-threatening injury. Suspect-1 was booked for Investigation of Assault following interview. Suspect-2 was transported to the hospital for treatment pending criminal charges. 

#2020-265825/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 9-12-2020 at 2339 hours, five unknown suspects entered Have a Heart pot shop at closing time. Four out of five suspects displayed handguns, went behind the counter to take product and cash, and quickly left. The fifth suspect remained at the entrance with a cell phone keeping track of time. He called out, “Thirty seconds!” just prior to all the suspects leaving. The suspects got into a silver Prius parked on 3 NW and left the area. Patrol responded and K9 attempted a track.