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Sunday – October 25, 2020

#2020-302832/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 10-25-2020 at 0019 hours, officers were dispatched to an armed robbery at a car wash near 15th Ave NE & 145th St. Officers arrived on scene and contacted the victim. The male victim stated that he was cleaning his vehicle when he saw the three suspects acting suspiciously. One of the suspects quickly approached the victim with his hands in the front of his pants. The victim pushed the suspect back and the suspect pulled out a handgun, pointing it at the victim. The victim dodged around a nearby vacuum cleaner and then was grabbed from behind by the other two suspects. The victim was able to break free and ran off leaving his unlocked vehicle. The victim stayed within eyesight of his vehicle and saw the three suspects rummage through his vehicle. The victim then saw the three suspects approach another vehicle at the car wash and confront a female. The female was pistol whipped and several of her items were taken from her person. After the suspects fled northbound the male victim saw the female victim quickly flee the area in her vehicle. The male victim returned to his vehicle and had people in the area call for the police. The King County Sheriff’s Office was initially dispatched, with SPD being dispatched 10-15 minutes later. The female victim called SPD from her home and she was contacted. An area search for the suspects was negative. 

#2020-302863/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 10/25/2020 at 0131 hours, the Washington State Patrol was actively pursuing a vehicle which exited SR599 and continued northbound on city streets, eventually heading north on W Marginal Wy SW. The suspect vehicle came upon a large gathering of vehicles and, after performing a U-turn, continued southbound on W Marginal Wy SW. The suspect vehicle entered the intersection of Highland Park Wy SW against a red light and subsequently collided with a motorist. The suspect driver fled on foot. WSP notified nearby agencies requesting a fast back. SPD SW and S units, Port of Seattle and King County units responded. WSP was able to capture the suspect and take him into custody. SPD assisted further with traffic control while SFD cut two passengers out of the victim vehicle. WSP is conducting the follow-up investigation. 

#2020-302872/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 10-25-2020 at 0148 hours, a victim vehicle had been headed westbound on SW Barton near Westwood Village when it was passed at a high rate of speed by a vehicle that also then cut the victim vehicle off. At the next intersection (35 SW) the victim made a hand gesture at the suspect vehicle and turned to continue northbound. Suspect vehicle then fired approximately 24 unknown caliber rounds into the back of the victim vehicle and sped off. Adult male driver and adult female passenger of victim vehicle were not injured. 

#2020-303235/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch:

On 10-25-2020 at 1632 hours, a subject was contacted by store security after they witnessed him shoplifting inside of a local business. Security attempted to contact the subject about merchandise taken when the subject pulled out a knife and threatened security staff. Subject left area on foot as officers arrived in the area. A student officer spotted a subject matching the description a block away and detained him for investigation. A witness from the store positively identified the subject as the person that pulled a knife. He was placed into custody and booked into King County Jail.