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Sunday – November 1, 2020

#2020-308812/West Precinct/First Watch: 

On 11-01-2020 at 0438 hours, a 57-year-old man was found unresponsive underneath his Ford Taurus in a driveway behind 501 Rainier Av. S. The vehicle was running, and the driver’s door was open. Seattle Fire responded to the scene and determined the man was deceased. No witnesses were found that could explain how the man ended up under his vehicle, or how long he had been there. A TCIS scene investigation was conducted. 

#2020-308959/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 11-1-2020 at 1020 hours, officer responded to an assist the Washington State Patrol regrading a hit and run collision that occurred near Swift Ave S and S Albro Pl. Witnesses advised that the suspect fled the collision on foot, provided a detailed description, and advised the suspect was last observed heading east on S Graham St, towards Beacon Ave S. Multiple officers arrived in the area and conducted a search for the suspect. Officers located the suspect at Beacon Ave S and S Graham St. The suspect dashed behind a building and into a yard. The suspect was re-located and detained for the hit and run. As the officer was detaining the suspect, the suspect turned towards the office, and attempted to break free and flee. After a brief struggle, which resulted in a “help the officer”, the suspect was taken into custody. The officer and suspect both sustained minor injuries. The officer and suspect were evaluated at the scene by Seattle Fire. The officer was transported to Harborview Medical Center for further evaluation and later cleared. The call resulted in a Type II use of force. The suspect was booked into the King County Jail for Assault 3rd degree. WSP will be filing charges of occupied hit and run against the suspect as well.  

#2020-309065/West Precinct/Second Watch: 

On 11-01-2020 at 1312 hours, officers responded to 420 4 Av for a report of a male who ran into the building, naked and covered in feces. The suspect knocked over items, causing a general disturbance, and then ran out toward City Hall Park. Responding officers were conducting an area check and officers were flagged down in the 600 block of 3 Av by a community member. While interacting with the community member on the passenger side of the primary vehicle, the naked male suspect ran up to the driver side unbeknownst to the first arriving officer. The suspect reached through the open window and grabbed the officer’s face, causing injuries. The suspect stated he “just killed someone” and begged to be shot. The officer climbed over the center console and out the passenger side of the vehicle which was still in drive. The next arriving officer rammed the first arriving officer’s vehicle to stop it while it was unoccupied and rolling south on 3 Av. The suspect then ran around the two patrol vehicles and attacked officers who deployed a Taser to subdue the attacker. The first two officers struggled to get the suspect into custody for over two minutes until the next arriving officers were able to assist in subduing the suspect. During this struggle, the suspect was Tased multiple times. Three officers were assaulted by the suspect during this incident, resulting in minor injuries. The suspect was arrested for assault, evaluated by Seattle Fire and transported to Harborview Medical Center. The three injured officers were also evaluated and taken to HMC. This suspect was also believed to have assaulted an additional community member just before assaulting the first arriving officer however, that community member sustained significant head injury and was unable to recall what happened.  

#2020-309326/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 11-1-2020 at 1925 hours, in the 400 block of Minor Ave, a male reported that he was assaulted by another male with pepper spray and that the suspect used a racial slur during the attack. Nearby staff heard the racial slurs and witnessed a portion of the incident. There were no injuries and the known suspect could not be located.