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Monday, February 1, 2021

#2021-026404/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 02-01-2021 at 0144 hours, two officers located an occupied stolen vehicle parked and running in a park parking lot. When other officers arrived, the driver was arrested. As the driver stood up, a 9mm round fell to the ground from the folds in his pants. Upon searching the vehicle, officers located a loaded (not reported stolen) 9mm Smith & Wesson directly behind the driver’s seat in the top of an open bag. The driver was booked for possession of the stolen vehicle and VUFA as the driver was also a convicted felon.

#2021-026566/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 02-01-2021 at 0510 hours, an unknown suspect walked to a gas pump island, removed a gas pump nozzle from its storage slot, placed it inside the adjacent trash can, rooted around the trash a bit then reached inside. The suspect then walked away westbound. Twenty minutes later the station attendant noticed the trash can ablaze. The attendant used the nearby extinguisher to put out the fire. No call made for Seattle Fire. An investigation revealed the fire was intentionally set and that the SPD was called 4 hours post incident. Incident screened with the SPD’s Arson Bomb Squad. ABS screened it with the SFD fire marshal. Due to no initial call for SFD response and delay in reporting, the fire marshal left the investigation to patrol & ABS for follow up.

#2021-27234/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 02-01-2021 at 2005 hours, Seattle Fire responded to a vehicle fire legally parked in the 12700 block of Lake City Way NE. SFD extinguished the fire which consumed the entire interior of the vehicle and called a fire marshal. The fire marshal determined the fire was suspicious and called SPD for a report. The fire marshal contacted the SPD’s Arson Bomb Squad, which will be conducting follow up investigations. Officers attempted to contact the registered owner of the vehicle, however his current address/phone number is unknown.