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Wednesday – April 28, 2021

#2021-102927/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 04-28-2021 at 0103 hours, a 911 call came in about SPD accompanying SFD for an unknown female who’s been electrocuted, unknown how/why. After investigation: two unknown females were observed earlier in the evening cutting something with an electric saw at the location. When confronted, they fled in a vehicle. Approximately an hour later, the vehicle returned, and the suspects finished cutting open a utility power box door. After ignoring the “no trespass” and “danger, high voltage” signs one suspect made contact with a live wire and was severely injured. The second suspect fled the scene as SFD and SPD arrived. The injured suspect was transported to Harborview Medical Center with unknown internal injuries. SFD and Seattle City Light secured the utility box, rendering the area safe. The vehicle the suspect’s utilized during the crime was impounded to Lincoln Towing.

#2021-103693/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 04-28-2021 at 2024 hours, officers responded to investigate a report that a vehicle had exploded at 28 AV S / S Brandon ST. Seattle Fire and SPD officers arrived to find two victims with extensive burns. The male victim reported that the female in the backseat of the vehicle was refilling a large butane container when suddenly he saw a fireball in the rearview mirror. The contents of the container splashed on him, igniting his clothing. Both victims were able to escape the car before it became fully engulfed. SFD medics transported both victims to Harborview Medical Center.

#2021-103722/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 04-28-2021 at 2055 hours, officers responded to reports of shots fired at the Atlantic City Boat Ramp. Officers located evidence of a shooting and canvassed the area for witnesses. The investigation revealed that unknown persons attending a memorial gathering at Seward Park drove to the boat ramp, where they fired off four shots towards the lake before fleeing the area. The Gun Violence Reduction Unit was notified.

#2021-103759/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 04-28-2021 at 2143 hours, 911 received several calls regarding a large crowd in the Seward Park parking lot. It was estimated that three hundred people were in attendance. The crowd was having a makeshift memorial/BBQ. Community members were concerned for people’s safety as vehicles were burning out and doing donuts in the lot. Officers had responded to other incidents related to this gathering. Officers responded to the area to monitor the crowd. While monitoring the area, the crowd dispersed peacefully. The Gun Violence Reduction Unit was notified.

#2021-103790/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 04-28-2021 at 2246, a High Violent Offender who has a lengthy history in the West Seattle Community was recently released from prison for a significant assault that occurred in 2017. The suspect immediately returned to the area that the original crime occurred. DOC contacted SW Precinct to advise that a DOC Escape Warrant was forthcoming due to the suspect’s immediate violations to his probation. A felony DOC Escape Warrant for Assault was put into the system at 2117 hours, a WACIC/NCIC Delayed Inquiry Hit was seen at 2230 hours, and the suspect was taken into custody at 2246 hours. This suspect was transported and booked into SCORE Jail without incident. This SIR was completed as the suspect’s arrest is likely to generate local (West Seattle) Media Attention.