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Sunday – May 30, 2021

#2021-132882/North Precinct/First Watch:

On 05-30-2021 at 0838 hours, officers on a detail were flagged down by a citizen reporting property damage inside a private park. Sometime overnight, suspect(s) gained access into the park and by hand tore out grass/moss to make a swastika taking up approximately a 4-foot area. A report and photos were taken. The symbol was covered up with the grass left in the area and park maintenance will take care of fixing it long term. Sergeant responded to scene.

#2021-133099/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 05-30-2021 at 1429 hours, several people were holding a street sermon at Victor Steinbrueck Park. A suspect was nearby and began yelling at the victims about their race and religion. The suspect assaulted one person and then damaged their amplification equipment. The suspect then left the area in an unknown direction. An area search was conducted but the suspect remains at large.

#2021-133110/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 05-30-2021 at 1445 hours, officers responded to and located a burglary suspect in the alley east of the 4100 block of 11 Ave NE. On contact the suspect was non-compliant and resisted officers’ efforts to stop him. The suspect continued resisting efforts to handcuff him despite numerous attempts at verbal persuasion and control techniques. A city wide “help the officer” was broadcast. Officers were able to make use of trained team tactics to eventually take the suspect into custody, resulting in a Type 2 Use of Force due to minor injury to suspect. Officers assisted in identifying the suspect who had used a false name and located numerous outstanding felony warrants including one for burglary and failure to abide by his DOC conditions.

#2021-133179/East Precinct/Second Watch:

On 05-30-2021 at 1544 hours, officers responded to a public green space in the back of the caller’s house for a found deceased human body. The body was found lying in a small stream with no access route except through the caller’s garden. Due to the condition of the body and the location, the on-scene investigation yield no obvious information about the circumstance that led to the death. The victim remained unidentified. Homicide unit was consulted. Medical Examiner responded to the scene and took custody of the body.   #2021-132229/West Precinct/Third Watch: As reported in a previous SIR, on 05/29/21, an elderly male with mobility issues was walking his dog “Alice” near Courthouse Park. The suspect approached the victim and demanded his jacket. When the victim refused, the suspect sprinted at the dog and kicked it so hard it died. On 05/30/21 at 2057 hours, officers conducted a follow up investigation to include a victim interview and montage to confirm suspect’s identity. The suspect was located and arrested for Animal Cruelty and Attempted Robbery. The suspect was subsequently interviewed, and his clothing was recovered as evidence.