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Weapons Recovered Monday in Multiple Investigations Around the City

Police arrested multiple people Monday related to weapons charges.

Witnesses began calling 911 reporting two men riding bikes in the 400 block of South Jackson Street holding what appeared to be handguns.

Officers arrived in the area and found the two men, both 46-years-old, and quickly placed them into handcuffs without incident. The officers searched the men and found two realistic-looking pellet guns, a set of nunchaku, 1.5 grams of methamphetamine, and a stolen credit card.

Police were dispatched to a man who was carrying around a rifle and yelling that he was going to arrest people setting off fireworks at Me-Kwa-Mooks Park.

Officers arrived and found the suspect standing near his truck. Officers peeked through the windows and spotted a small rifle sitting on the backseat.

The man, who was reportedly intoxicated, stated that he saw some teens lighting “Class C fireworks.” and “He could tell the difference in grades of fireworks and that Class C fireworks were not allowed without a permit.” The man continued to say that he went down to the beach where he started an argument with the teens who then walked away.

When asked by the officers why he thought that might be the proper course of action, the man stated that he works as an EMT. An Officer broke the news to the man that as an EMT he doesn’t have the legal authority to detain people and that bringing a rifle into a confrontation is dangerous.

Officers were unable to find any victims so they released the man from the scene.

Police working the 7200 block of Marginal Way South found a car that had been reported stolen. Officers stopped the vehicle and spoke with the driver.

The driver, a 32-year old man, was taken into custody for possession of a motor vehicle. While officers searched the vehicle they found a handgun and a sawed-off rifle.

Police booked the man, who is prohibited from possessing firearms by a DV no-contact order, into King County Jail for firearms violations and possession of a stolen vehicle.

In another investigation, officers stopped another stolen car in the 6900 block of Flora Avenue South.

Officers spoke with two individuals, a 43-year-old man and a 28-year-old man, inside the vehicle and found a large amount of stolen property including power tools, which the men claimed they used to steal catalytic converters. Officers also recovered a pellet gun that is made to look like a Glock handgun.

Police booked both individuals into King County Jail for possession of stolen property. Detectives with the Major Crimes Task Force continue to investigate the men’s claims about the catalytic converter theft.