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Friday – July 16, 2021

#2021-181859/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 07-16-2021 at 1300 hours, a newly hired USPS letter carrier was walking out of the Ballard Goodwill when he saw the suspect trying the driver’s door handle (Postal Truck). The victim yelled at the suspect to leave and tried to use his cell phone to record the suspect. The suspect pushed the victim to the ground and assaulted him. The suspect also called the victim a derogatory slur. Notification email sent.

#2021-180490/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 07-16-2021 at 1410 hours, victim vehicle was driving northbound on Aurora Av N. at the 14300 blk. Victim driver observed a silver Hyundai sedan following him. The victim vehicle pulled into the south driveway of O’Reilly auto parts and drove to the rear parking lot. The silver Hyundai pulled into the north driveway of the store and also drove into the rear parking lot. Once in the parking lot, the male passenger of the silver Hyundai rolled down the window and fired multiple rounds at the victim vehicle. The victim vehicle was occupied with two adults and one 4-year-old child. One round fired struck the victim vehicle and fragmented. No person was struck by fired rounds. The driver of the victim vehicle fled southbound on Midvale Av N while the suspect vehicle fled southbound on Roosevelt WY N. An area check was negative for the suspect vehicle. Officers recovered evidence of a shooting, and the incident was screened by the Gun Violence Reduction Unit.

#2021-180549/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 07-16-2021 at 1507 hours, the suspect sat down to eat lunch at a restaurant in the 400 block of Cedar St. Once the suspect was served his food, he began to escalate and was talking loudly to himself. The waiter stopped by the table to check on the suspect and the suspect called the waiter a homophobic slur. The waiter questioned the suspect about his comment and the suspect escalated further and began yelling the homophobic slurs. When the waiter attempted to take the suspect’s food and remove him from the restaurant, the suspect grabbed the steak knife from the table and threatened the waiter. Officers arrived and took the suspect into custody without incident. Suspect was booked for Hate Crime.

#2021-180621/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 07-16-2021 at 1626 hours, a Seattle Fire Medic One unit was responding northbound on 4 Ave to an incident with its emergency equipment activated. As it proceeded through the intersection of Bell St, a Dodge Charger entered the intersection and collided with the medic unit. The driver of the Dodge Charger was not injured. The two SFD personnel in the Medic One unit were transported to Harborview Medical Center with minor injuries. The SPD’s Traffic Collision Investigation Squad responded to the scene and will be conducting the follow up investigation.