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Sunday – August 1, 2021

#2021-197100/North Precinct/First Watch:

On 08-01-2021 at 0903 hours, officers responded to a call where derogatory, racist, and homophobic stickers were placed on several light poles in the area. Underneath several of the stickers were razor blades. The razor blades were placed in a way that would harm anyone trying to remove the stickers. Officers removed the stickers and razor blades they were able to locate. The razor blades were submitted into evidence. The timeframe during which the stickers were placed was unknown.

#2021-197180/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch:

On 07-31-21 A SCUBA diver did not resurface with the rest of her class. Seattle Fire, SPD Harbor Patrol, and the USCG responded but could not locate the diver. (see SPD incident 21-196686). On 08-01-21 a group of divers located the missing diver floating face down in the water and they notified 911. Patrol, SFD, and SPD Harbor patrol responded to the scene. SFD removed the diver from the water and placed her on the shore. Fire pronounced her DOA at the scene. Harbor Officer responded on his day off to assist with the investigation. King County Medical Examiner (KCME) responded to the scene and took over the investigation. All the dive gear/equipment was collected by the KCME.

#2021-197273/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 08-01-2021 an 86-year-old male was swimming in Green Lake. The victim did several laps 30-40 ft. out and then back to the shore. On his final lap the victim suffered a medical issue and collapsed two feet from the shore. Passerby located him, pulled him out of the water, and began to perform CPR. Officer quickly arrived on scene and took over CPR with his partner assisting. The officers continued CPR for ten minutes until Seattle Fire (SFD) arrived and took over the medical treatment. SFD continued CPR for an extended period before transporting the victim to UW Medical Center for further treatment.

#2021-197336/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 08-01-2021 at 1506 hours, a small black sedan with four occupants was N/B in the 2800 blk of Beacon AV S when the driver fired 3-5 shots to the west with one shot striking the public library. One round pierced through a window into the interior of the library, however, there were no patrons inside at the time. Several juveniles walking in the area may have been the intended target, but that was inconclusive at the time of investigation. Officers processed the scene and collected evidence. An area check for the suspects was negative. Gun Violence Reduction Unit and Public Affairs were notified.

#2021-197546/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 08-01-2021 at 1951 hours, officers responded to the 400 Block of S Orcas St for a report of an encampment fire. On scene investigation determined this incident to be an arson. The victim reported an unidentified vehicle / suspect threw what she believed to be a firework or flare at her campsite, causing it to ignite in flames. The victim has poor eyesight, so no further information was possible. The victim’s tent and several personal items were destroyed. Fire Marshal and the SPD’s Arson Bomb Squad screened the incident and will conduct the follow up.

#2021-197610/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 08-01-2021 at 2110 hours, officers responded to the area of Marion ST / Terry AV to a report of a strong-arm robbery of a cell phone. Backing units located the suspect nearby. After a short foot pursuit, the suspect gave up and was detained without incident. The victim positively identified the suspect. Officers searched the area but were unable to recover the stolen phone. The suspect was booked into King County Jail.