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Monday – August 23, 2021

#2021-218962/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 08-23-2021 at 0032 hours, a victim stated that he observed two vehicles idling on the street in front of his house. The victim claimed that he doesn’t know any occupants inside both vehicles but decided to contact them about idling on the street. One occupant produced a handgun and fired one shot before leaving the area. Vehicles and suspects were not located. No damage and no injury were reported. Evidence of a shooting was recovered. The report will forward to Gun Violence Reduction Unit.

#2021-219024/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 08-23-2021 at 0302 hours, suspect Vehicle 1 was southbound on Rainier Ave S approaching S Walden St. Vehicle 2 had a green light and made a right turn to SB Rainier Ave S from S Walden St. Vehicle 1 traveling at a high rate of speed tried to avoid contact but lightly clipped the left rear corner of Vehicle 2. Vehicle 1 spun out, crossed Rainier Ave S, jumped the sidewalk, and came to rest on a tree. The intrusion to Vehicle 1 was nearly to the firewall. Witnesses and occupant of Vehicle 2 went to Vehicle 1 and pulled all 3 occupants out of the vehicle. None of the witnesses were forthcoming about which occupant was driving. Seattle Fire treated all 3 occupants at the scene. AMR transported 2 to area hospitals with minor injuries. Seattle Fire transported 1 to Harborview Medical Center with significant but not life-threatening injury to lower extremity. Owner of Vehicle 1 was an occupant but claimed was not driving. He opened the trunk in front of officers to get a bottle of water where officers observe a loaded revolver in the trunk atop the other contents. Weapon seized as part of initial impound inventory to secure it.

#2021-219161/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 08-23-2021 at 0647 hours, officers responded to a gas station in the 6000 Block of ML King Jr Way S for a fight call. The arriving officer spoke with a victim and located the suspect fleeing the scene. Probable cause was established for assault and the suspect was taken into custody. Further investigation revealed two separate assaults occurred, see 21-219126. The suspect assaulted a store clerk while in the gas station. The suspect left and then approached a male at a bus stop, grabbed a rock from the ground and made a throwing motion at the victim, placing him in fear. The suspect then made derogatory statements about the victim’s race and proceeded to assault him with his hands. The suspect was booked for a Hate Crime, Felony Harassment, and Assault. Email notifications sent.

#2021-219393/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 08-23-2021 at 1211 hours, the robbery unit received information from a PEO that there was an occupied silver Mercedes parked in the 7900 block of Rainier Av S that was listed in an SPD armed robbery bulletin (21-209367). The Robbery Unit advised officers over the air to check for the vehicle. The arriving officers found the vehicle unoccupied but arrested the subject a few moments later exiting a retail shop. A loaded, silver, semi-automatic, handgun with the hammer locked back was found on the driver’s side floorboard. The subject was transported to the robbery unit and later booked into the King County Jail.

#2021-219860/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 08-23-2021 at 2029 hours, a call came in to 911 of 5 to 6 shots having been heard in the area of S Fountain St and Beacon Av S. Officers located evidence of a shooting in the 10700 BLK of 51 Av S, just south of the reporting address. Gun Violence Reduction Unit was not available. Officers processed the scene. No property damage was found, and no injuries were reported.

#2021-219946/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 08-23-2021 at 2227 hours, calls started coming in to 911 of a shooting in the 6800 BLK of Rainier Av S. Several shots were heard as well as a female screaming and a vehicle leaving the area at a high rate of speed. What was originally described as the suspect vehicle was located at 38 Av S and S Oregon St. The female victim, who was a passenger in the vehicle, was transported to Harborview Medical Center via Medic One with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. The original scene was located at 6815 Rainier Av S, a fuel station. Officers recovered evidence of a shooting on S Willow St at the south side of the fuel station. One fuel pump was damaged by the gun fire and had to be shut down. Gun Violence Reduction Unit, Homicide, the Duty Captain and PIO were all notified. South Officers processed the scene. At the time of this writing, the victim and her driver/witness would not disclose any suspect information.

#2021-219954/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 08-23-2021 at 2236 hours, 911 received a 911 call regarding a drive by shooting that occurred near the intersection of 23 Av and E Alder St. Officers recognized the victim vehicle as frequenting a high drug activity area and expanded their search to that location. Officers located the suspect vehicle in the 800 block of Dearborn. Inside the vehicle was a loaded small caliber revolver, with the sole occupant (driver) being a convicted felon. The original caller / victim was hesitant to ID the suspect, however post Miranda the suspect admitted to the crimes as the female victim owed him money. The suspect was booked into King County Jail for Assault 1 and VUFA. The suspect vehicle was impounded pending a search warrant. There were no reported injuries, property damage, or shell casing located. It appears this incident stemmed from illegal drug debt.