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Saturday – August 28, 2021

#2021-223976/West Precinct/First Watch:

On 08-28-2021 at 0109 hours, officers responded to a report of threats at the Morrison, upon interviewing the victims the officers developed probable cause to arrest the suspect. Suspect was taken into custody without incident, however, when an officer was fastening the seatbelt for the suspect, the suspect spit on/in the face and an eye of the officer. Officer initiated exposure protocol.

#2021-223981/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 08-28-2021 at 0119 hours, the victim was drinking with friends in a gravel lot next to a restaurant in the 1900 block of Harbor Ave SW when he got into a physical fight with another male. During the fight, the victim stated he was pistol whipped by the suspect. As the victim’s friends broke up the fight, the suspect fired two rounds into the air. The victim and his friends ran, and the suspect fired 3 more shots in their direction, striking an occupied RV parked in the area. The suspect fled in a vehicle and was not located at this time. Victim transported by AMR for a head wound. Gun Violence Reduction Unit was notified but unable to respond due to several other shootings in the city.

#2021-223992/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 08-28-2021 at 0141 hours, officers were flagged down in the area of Cal Anderson Park near the basketball courts for a reports of a shooting. Simultaneously, several calls came in about shots fired in the area with a suspect being a female. Officers located evidence of a shooting, but no injured parties were located. One vehicle was damaged. Two suspect vehicles were spotted fleeing the scene. Evidence was located. Patrol processed the scene. GVRU notified.

#2021-223996/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 08-28-2021 at 0143 hours, officers responded to the area of 12th Ave S & S Main St regarding the report of a shooting. Upon their arrival, officers located a single victim with three gunshot wounds to the upper torso. Officers began providing medical aid to the victim until the arrival of Seattle Fire personnel. During the investigation, evidence of a shooting was located, as well as damage to a parked vehicle. Victim was transported to Harborview Medical Center in critical condition, and at the time of this SIR, was not stable enough for surgery. Suspect was not located. Homicide and GVRU notified.

#2021-224060/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

On 08-28-2021 at 0416 hours, officer responded to the report of a physical fight occurring. Initially, officers could not locate the incident. They were eventually flagged down by the victim. Victim stated they were in their vehicle in front of a relative’s residence, but they were parked in the roadway, blocking it. The suspect vehicle pulled up behind and honked to get the victim to move. The victim did not, and the occupants of the suspect vehicle exited and pulled the victim out of their vehicle and proceeded to assault them. One of the suspects took the victim’s wallet and removed the cash, leaving the wallet behind. That suspect fled on foot and the victim initially gave chase on foot. The other suspects got back into their vehicle, and this concerned the victim, so they stopped chasing the suspect on foot. The victim stated that one of the suspects was armed with baseball bat. The victim was evaluated by Seattle Fire and taken to Harborview Medical Center via AMR.

#2021-224085/North Precinct/First Watch:

On 08-28-2021 at 0538 hours, officers were dispatched to an arson with Fire Marshal enroute. An unknown suspect used gasoline to ignite a fire on a wooden gate. The gate is located between a building with concrete exterior and another multi-family dwelling that is of wooden exterior and structure. An alert resident saw the bright flames and was able to extinguish the fire using 2 extinguishers. Evidence was gathered, photographs were taken, and the SPD’s Arson Bomb Squad was notified.

#2021-224176/West Precinct/First Watch:

On 08-28-2021 at 0806 hours, a suspect went to the Space Needle and was confronted by security, who observed him steal art from a parked vehicle. During the confrontation, suspect punched victim in the face, causing an injury that later required Seattle Fire for treatment. Victim fled into security office, and the suspect followed. The victim, along with 2 other co-workers, attempted to hold the door shut. The suspect was able to overpower them, and entered the office, where he took the victim’s cell phone and fled. Officers located and arrested the suspect a few blocks away and placed him into custody. The phone was recovered and returned to the victim, who also positively identified the suspect during a show up.

#2021-224279/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

On 08-28-2021 at 1039 hours, officers had just cleared a shots call that was determined to be construction noise. Officers were east bound on SW Edmonds St. from California Av SW. They observed an older black Honda Civic, double parked on SW Edmonds. The vehicle turned into an alley, clearing the street without any prompting from officers. When the officers passed, the vehicle backed from the alley back onto the street and proceeded behind the officers. The vehicle tailgated the officers for over ten blocks southbound on Fauntleroy Way SW. Officers then made a U-turn and proceeded northbound. The vehicle paused and also made a U-turn following the officers, again for over ten blocks. The officers proceeded east on SW Alaska St to 35 Av SW, and headed southbound, while other units were enroute to contact the vehicle. The vehicle followed the officers for about seven blocks before turning off 35 Av SW. An area check for the vehicle was negative.

#2021-224551/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 08-28-2021 at 1548 hours, two men were waiting to meet someone from regarding a vehicle they wished to purchase, when a white 4 door Volkswagen pulled up, said to be occupied by three males in their late teens to early twenties. One of those suspects was said to have pulled a small black handgun out and pointed it at the victims, demanding their keys and a cellphone. The cellphone was later recovered several blocks away where it was apparently discarded in the street. An area check for the suspects was negative. Robbery screened this incident.

#2021-224558/East Precinct/Second Watch:

On 08-28-2021 at 1550 hours, officers responded to 31 Av and E Cherry to recover evidence from a shooting. The 911 caller spotted the evidence near a staircase this afternoon. The caller told responding officers that he actually heard this shooting take place last night at about midnight and he reported the shooting to 911 dispatchers. Officers were already enroute to another shooting at that same time approximately 12 blocks away in the area of 21 and Yesler where a large number of rounds were fired. It appears that there were so many shootings happening in the same time period and vicinity that this 911 caller’s complaint may have been lumped in with the others reporting the shooting incident 12 blocks away. The shooting at 21 and Yesler (2021-223927) may be connected to several other shootings that preceded it in the West Precinct area. Officers recovered the evidence from the 31 and Cherry shooting.

#2021-224616/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 08-28-2021 at 1653 hours, an explosion was heard coming from the area of a parked and unoccupied 2001 white Chevy Astrovan parked in the 14300 block of Midvale Av N. A man was seen running away from the van, which was then said to be on fire. Before Seattle Fire or Seattle Police could arrive, an unknown male extinguished the blaze and then left the scene. Officers arrived to find a plastic bag containing a clear liquid hanging from the steering column, and what appeared to be several stolen items in the back. SFD responded, and later a Fire Marshal. SPD Arson/Bomb Squad Detectives later responded to investigate both the initial fire and the clear liquid in the vehicle.

#2021-224717/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 08-28-2021 at 1834 hours, one or two anonymous callers called 911 claiming there was an armed robbery occurring in a homeless camp near Dexter Ave. & Mercer St. Details were scant. The two suspects were at one point described as “children” although they were alleged to be about 20 years old and robbing someone for their drugs. Officers arrived quickly but nobody in the camp seemed concerned. The only person who would speak to us did so after leaving view of the camp and said the two suspects walked away e/b from the camp prior to arrival. To ensure there were no downed victims, a contact team was formed and officers swept through the camp. The camp appeared deserted, but a few voices were heard answering from inside a tent saying they did not need any assistance. Nobody came out to speak to us. The caller said “it’s frowned upon” to call 911 and the victim did not want assistance. K9 was cancelled as there was no known victim of a crime. North advised a possibly related robbery had occurred about 3 hours earlier in North Seattle.