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Sunday – September 12, 2021

#2021-239401/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 09-12-2021 at 0111 hours, officers responded to an unknown 911 call in the area of 8th AV S and S Southern St. Information was limited due the need for the language line. When officers arrived, they learned that the victim was driving behind a dark Chevy truck in the 700 Block of S Chicago St when he witnessed an unknown male standing outside of a business fire approximately eight to nine shots at the truck. The male then momentarily pointed the gun at victim, at which time he fled and called 911. Officers responded to the incident scene, but they were unable to locate any evidence of a shooting, or damage to any property. Dispatch received no other shots calls during the time of the incident. There is no suspect information nor vehicle plate information for the Chevy truck.

#2021-239443/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 09-12-2021 at 0210 hours, officers responded to the report of an in-progress burglary in the 400 block of Westlake Ave N. Per the call details, the subject first punched a business window, then proceeded to complete the process using a large wrench. During the process, the subject sustained minor lacerations to his hand. Upon breaking the window, the suspect entered the business. As officers arrived on scene, the suspect exited the building. While officers on scene were awaiting the arrival of additional units, the suspect attempted to strike one officer with a closed fist, however he did not make contact. He then “bear hugged” another officer around the legs and attempted to pick him up…also unsuccessfully. Officers were able to take control of the suspect and get him handcuffed utilizing de minimus force. Suspect was evaluated by Seattle Fire and subsequently booked into King County Jail for Investigation of Burglary and Assault 3rd Degree, with charges requested for resisting arrest.

#2021-239541/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 09-12-2021 at 0620 hours, officers were dispatched to Swedish First Hill regarding a male who just walked in with a gunshot would. Offices from both East and South precincts responded and discovered that the victim was driving an automobile at Rainer Av S and S McClellan St when he was struck in the back by gunfire. The victim reported hearing the gunshot but was unsure where it came from. South Precinct Officers conducted an area check for a scene but were unable to locate one.

#2021-240114/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 09-12-2021 at 1945 hours, three males were sitting on the curb in a local business parking lot along Aurora Ave N when occupants of a vehicle (in the same lot) started shooting at them. The three males were each shot in a leg before the suspects fled in a vehicle. Upon arrival, SPD provided first aid until relieved by Seattle Fire. Medic units transported each victim to the hospital. Gun Violence Reduction Unit was consulted via telephone. Patrol processed the scene. Evidence of a shooting was recovered.

#2021-240137/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 09-12-2021 at 1957 hours, officers responded to a reported assault call with bias statements. Officers arrived and contacted the victim who explained that a subject unknown to them told them to “go back to their country” as they proceeded to pull the glasses off the victim’s face, throw them to the ground and slap the victim. The victim had a small red mark on their face but declined medical attention. The victim stated they believed they were specifically targeted due to their presumed race. The victim provided evidence to the primary officer. The primary officer located additional evidence. Officers conducted an area check for the suspect but were unable to locate them. The suspect is believed to frequent the Capital Hill area regularly. Bias alert e-mail was sent.