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Wednesday – September 22, 2021

#2021-249819/West Precinct/First Watch:

On 09-22-2021 at 1034 hours, an officer stopped a suspicious vehicle in the CID. When he approached the vehicle, the driver drove off. The officer did not pursue the vehicle however, the driver drove recklessly and struck several parked, unoccupied vehicles. The damaged suspect vehicle was abandoned (2021-249808), the occupants fled on foot. The vehicle was an unreported stolen. Patrol Sergeant responded to scene.

#2021-249659/East Precinct/First Watch:

On 09-22-2021 at 0808 hours, officers responded to a reported assault disturbance near Broadway E/E Roy St. Uniformed officers arrived in the area and located the victim a few blocks away, at which time she advised that she was standing on the city sidewalk waiting for her boss to pick her up when she was approached by the suspect who told her that she needed her cell phone. The victim declined to give up her cell phone, at which time the suspect – who was armed with a knife and pair of pliers – struck the victim in her hand/wrist area as she was attempting to protect herself from full strikes. Victim’s boss arrived and attempted to defend her from the suspect who then left the area on foot. Officers located the suspect inside the Light Rail Transit Station, she was positively identified by the victim and witness. Incident screened with Sgt. and with the Robbery Unit who will have follow up responsibilities.

#2021-249908/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 09-22-2021 at 1220 hours, officers responded to a DESC building located near Rainier Av S/ S Estelle St to a report of a subject high on narcotics throwing items out of a 5th story window to the sidewalk below. This same subject had been arrested on 8/29/21 for a similar incident. Today, there was a significant response, with officers having to block the sidewalk and partially close SB Rainier Av S to traffic. The subject had smashed out a window and was actively throwing chairs, pans, bottles, and other items to the ground creating a significant threat of injury to anyone below. Officers contacted the subject, who refused to come to the door or cooperate in any way. Hostage Negotiation Team responded along with patrol who attempted on-going negotiations with the subject for five and half hours. A written warrant was obtained and executed with the assistance of SWAT. The subject eventually surrendered and was taken into custody without injury. He was later booked into the King County Jail for multiple charges.

#2021-250308/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 09-22-2021 at 1902 hours, officers responded to the car wash located at NE 125 St and 15 Ave Ne for a report of 2 males shooting at each other. Officers responded and a witness advised that a male in a black sports car fired a single shot at a male in a black SUV. The male in the SUV pulled out his own handgun and pointed it at the other male but did not fire. Both vehicles and suspects fled. No evidence was located other than a possible bullet strike in the north fence. No victims as of this writing have arrived at local hospitals. Gun Violence Reduction Unit advised.

#2021-250511/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 09-22-2021 at 2321 hours, calls started coming in to 911 of numerous shots in the area of the New Holly library located in the 7000 BLK of 32 Av S. Shots were exchanged between multiple parties. Evidence of a shooting was recovered from the scene. Apparent participants found their way to Harborview Medical Center (HMC). Their vehicle sustained substantial bullet damage and 2 people were being seen at HMC for gunshot wounds, one with non-life-threatening injury and one with life-threatening injuries. Follow-up is being completed by Gun Violence Reduction Unit members who responded to the scene. This was also screened with Homicide.

#2021-250293/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 09-22-2021 at 2330 hours, officers responded to a home in the 5900 BLK of 32 Av S to investigate a report of bullet damage to a home. The home that was struck has been the target of such damage several times in the past couple of years. The Reporting Party (RP) reported that the shots to the house actually happened on 09/21 at about 2330 hours. The RP heard the shots but did not recognize that the rounds had hit their home until today. 5 bullet holes were located in the garage door and 1 hole in the recycle bin located in the driveway. Evidence of a shooting was recovered from inside of the garage with damage to a car and a wall. Gun Violence Reduction Unit was notified of this incident.   #2021-250511/South Precinct/Third Watch: On 09-22-2021 at 2336 hours, a black Chrysler 300, with obvious bullet damage, arrived at Harborview Medical Center (HMC) with two adult male gunshot victims on board. The driver had sustained a gunshot wound to his hand. His passenger had sustained six possibly life-threatening gunshot wounds to his torso. Both victims were admitted into the ER for treatment. Officers responded to HMC and secured the involved vehicle. Officers located the associated shooting scene in the parking lot of the New Holly Public Library. Gun Violence Reduction Unit (GVRU) Detectives responded and processed both scenes. The involved vehicle was impounded, pending service of a search warrant. Detectives recovered evidence of a shooting at the shooting scene. As of this report, the passenger was undergoing surgery. The incident was screened with the Homicide Unit. GVRU will handle follow-up responsibilities.