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Chief Diaz’s Letter Regarding Upcoming Vaccine Deadline, SPD Staffing Plan

Today, SPD Chief Adrian Diaz sent the following letter to all staff regarding next week’s vaccination deadline:

To the Members of the Seattle Police Department – 

This coming Tuesday, October 5th, is the deadline to submit your proof of COVID-19 Vaccination.  

I am asking anyone who has not submitted this information to please get it done. In preparation for the City Vaccination mandate, SPD has constructed various staffing plans for how we continue to ensure continuity of emergency and legally-mandated services. In order to have the least amount of disruptions to our personnel we need to know how many individuals are cleared, under city vaccination rules.

At the moment – we have to assume we have hundreds of unvaccinated individuals based on the information submitted. This could create a disruption to unit of assignments.

Please submit your proof of vaccination – or please go get the vaccine and then submit the proof of vaccination.

Monday, October 4th is your last day to receive the second of your Pfizer or Moderna vaccine OR your single dose Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine in order to qualify for October 18 vaccine mandate deadline.

Please take care of yourselves and stay safe. 

Adrian Z. Diaz

Chief of Police 

Seattle Police Department