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Saturday – December 18, 2021

#2021-332972/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 12-18-2021 at 0033 hours, a victim called from 11700 BLK Aurora AV N with a gunshot wound to the leg. Officers applied a tourniquet, and he was transported to Harborview Medical Center (HMC). Victim was driven to this location by friends, and they said the incident happened near 125/Fremont. Witnesses continued to change story and were not reliable. Officer sent to HMC for victim statement. Suspect was reported to be driving a white charger, nothing further.

#2021-333251/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

On 12-18-2021 at 1110 hours, officers responded to the 4000 BLK of Delridge Way SW (DCYF facility) for a juvenile subject who bit himself and assaulted staff. Officers arrived and saw the subject assault staff again. Officers intervened, and during the incident the subject kicked an officer in the abdomen area and slapped him on the wrist. The subject was restrained, and an ITA was done to Seattle Children’s Hospital. The officer didn’t suffer any injuries. A hazard report was completed.

#2021-333280/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch:

On 12-18-2021 at 1122 hours, the victim was meeting the suspects at Westwood Village for an “OfferUp” Buy/Sell. The suspects were originally meeting up to buy Jordan basketball shoes from the victim. The suspects physically assaulted the victim in the face. Another victim (bystander) came to assist the victim was on the ground. Suspect#1 pointed a black handgun at both victims. The suspects took 2 pairs of Jordan shoes from the victim. The suspects fled the scene in a Blue Nissan/ALT/4D with unknown Washington plate.

#2021-333315/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 12-18-2021 at 1217 hours, officers were dispatched to the report of 10-15 PETA protestors inside a store in the 1500 block of 5 Ave refusing to leave. Officers arrived and discovered that the protest had moved into the store next door. Officer contacted the protestors and asked them to leave the store and to keep the protest outside. The protestors agreed, left the store, and finished the demonstration in Westlake Park. No further issues were reported.

#2021-333352/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 12-18-2021 at 1303 hours, officers were dispatched to the 1400 block of Alaskan Way for the report of shots fired. Officers arrived and discovered that a male suspect had fired approximately 3 rounds into the water from the pier next to the Seattle Aquarium. Nobody was hit and there were no injuries. The suspect then ran from scene and was apprehended a few blocks to the north by officers. Evidence of a shooting was recovered at the scene. Several fentanyl pills and large amounts of cash were recovered from the suspect. As of the time of this SIR, the firearm is yet to be located. PIO notified. Suspect will be booked into King County Jail for VUFA, possession with intent to deliver, and outstanding warrants with charges requested for unlawful discharge of a firearm.

#2021-333557/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 12-18-2021 at 1815 hours, while investigating an armed robbery that occurred in SW precinct, officers responded to a second robbery which occurred in the Rainier Valley. Officers located the suspect vehicle fleeing the Rainier Valley robbery scene and recognized the suspect vehicle as the same suspects from the SW robbery. Officers conducted a felony stop and arrested 3 suspects.

#2021-333697/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 12-18-2021 at 2142 hours, officers responded to an armed robbery call in the area of Delridge Way Sw/Brandon (Shell Gas Station). The suspect came inside the business and approached the front counter. The suspect pulled out a black handgun and pointed the handgun at the victim (cashier). The suspect then demanded the victim to give him all the money from the cash register. The victim gave the suspect the money and then got on the ground. The suspect fled the scene on foot heading Southbound on Delridge Way Sw. K9 units arrived on the scene and attempted to track the suspect. The suspect was not located.

#2021-333741/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 12-18-2021 at 2244 hours, an unknown suspect entered a marijuana dispensary and presented a silver firearm. He demanded money and keys to the safe. Employees provided a key to the safe and opened it for him. The suspect had employees empty the registers as well. Containment was set up and K9 responded but the suspect was not located.