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Sunday – February 6, 2022

#2022-031173/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 02-06-2022 at 0108 hours, an incident occurred in the 2700 block of 1 Av S. (in front of several nightclubs). After a hit-and-run collision, the passenger (suspect) of the victim’s vehicle pulled out a gun and fired one shot at the fleeing vehicle. Officers located the suspect several blocks away. A handgun was recovered from the suspect and evidence of a shooting was found in the street. There was damage to a nearby business’s window. The suspect was arrested and booked into King County Jail for Investigation of Drive-By Shooting. Gun Violence Reduction Unit Detective was advised.

#2022-031179/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 02-06-2022 at 0209 hours, vehicle 1 was travelling S/B on Aurora Ave N at a high rate of speed. Vehicle 2 was struck by vehicle 1, causing it to spin out of control and crash on the side of the road. Vehicle 1 veered across oncoming traffic on Aurora, and up onto the opposite sidewalk where it uprooted a tree and came to rest on a fence of a local business. Both directions of Aurora Ave N were shut down for the investigation due to the size of the scene and debris field. Driver admitted to multiple types of impairment, so a Drug Recognition Expert was requested; none were available. Both drivers went to the hospital. Patrol completed a blood draw for the suspect and learned the driver of vehicle 2’s injuries were upgraded in severity. Traffic Collision Investigation Squad was consulted via phone.

#2022-031203/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 02-06-2022 at 0246 hours, officers responded to a burglary in progress that was occurring at a US Bank. The suspect used various items from the parking lot and broke multiple windows to make entry. Once inside, the suspect destroyed property. Officers arrived, contained the scene, and established a contact team, and began verbal contact with the suspect via a PA. The suspect refused commands to exit the bank and remained inside standing behind one of the teller stations. The alarm company provided updates via live security surveillance and advised the suspect was also holding a binder of paper and a lighter and provided his location inside the bank. Fearing the suspect was going to start a fire, the contact team entered the bank, and continued speaking with the suspect. The suspect was taken into custody. The suspect caused extensive damage to the bank, including breaking six large windows / doors, and damaged various items inside the bank. The suspect was booked for burglary and malicious mischief. The suspect also had an outstanding DOC escape warrant for assault, but the warrant wasn’t verified.

#2022-031275/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 02-06-2022 at 0624 hours, a gunshot victim was dropped off at VA hospital. This subject is potentially related to a KCSO incident where a U-Haul security guard fired shots at a catalytic converter theft suspect who charged him with a reciprocating saw and believed that he struck the male in the foot. The wound was consistent with something similar occurring.

#2022-031308/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 02-06-2022 at 0731 hours, officers responded to assist Washington State Patrol who located an occupied stolen vehicle at 33 Ave. S. and S. Alaska St. Officers arrived on scene and contacted 2 suspects, one fled on foot and was apprehended a short time after. A loaded rifle was located inside the vehicle along with additional ammunition for both a rifle and pistol. Suspects were booked for unlawful possession of a firearm and possession of stolen vehicle.

#2022-031367/Southwest Precinct/(no time given):

On 02-06-2022 a victim who routinely waits outside a business for job recruitment stated they had completed a job and had been paid. The suspect, an acquaintance, suggested the victim should accompany the suspect to go drinking. The victim agreed and went with the suspect. At the location, the suspect and two other suspects assaulted the victim and took money from the victim. At least one of the suspects was armed with a knife. During the attack, the suspects referred to the victim’s race and made comments telling the victim to “go back to your country.” The victim was able to escape and hide in a construction area nearby. The victim felt that they were targeted for this crime due to their race. The victim had several injuries but refused a response from fire. The victim did accept a ride to the hospital.

#2022-031648/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 02-06-2022 at 1630, the victim, a 10-year-old child, was walking home from a friend’s house. As the victim was walking on a narrow trail on a greenbelt, the suspect blocked the trail, and told the victim, “Come with me, to my house. I have a gift for you.” The child immediately turned and ran back to the friend’s house and told the adults. Officers conducted an area check, canvased for evidence, and spoke with community members. Some leads were developed, but no suspect was located.

#2022-031762/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 02-06-2022 at 1921 hours, SPD’s Arson Bomb Squad (ABS) responded to a request from Patrol regarding a suspicious device in the alley at 1232 Harrison ST. ABS determined the device to be non-dangerous.

#2022-031744/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 02-06-2022 at 1938 hours, officers were dispatched to a business in the 4400 block of 4 Av S. regarding a trespasser at the store harassing customers and employees. While talking to him, the suspect tried to punch and kick officers. An officer deployed his taser and took him in custody. FIT was advised. LT was advised. The suspect was booked into King County Jail for Investigation of Assault 3. No injury to officers.

#2022-03186/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 02-06-2022 at 2234 hours, officers responded to a trespass call in an apartment complex and located a suspect, but he refused to leave. Officers attempted to remove the suspect and there was a struggle. The suspect bit one of the officers in the arm during the struggle. A fast back was called. Officers placed the suspect under arrest for Assault-3. After taking the suspect into custody he continued to tell officers that he would kill the three officers who placed him in custody as well as continued to threaten to bite them again.