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Saturday – February 19, 2022

#2022-042603/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 02-19-2022 at 0157 hours, officers on-viewed a fight disturbance in the block in the 300 block 2 Av S in the parking lot. Officers responded to break up the fight and as they were doing so, one of the involved subjects punched 2 separate officers in the face causing injury. Ultimately a taser was used to assist in taking the subject into custody. While being escorted to a patrol vehicle, the subject kicked a third officer causing significant pain. Seattle Fire was called to the scene, the subject was subsequently transported to King County Jail where he was declined. As of this writing he is at Harborview Medical Center under guard. Incident screened with FIT.

#2022-042607/West Precinct/Third Watch:

On 02-19-2022 at 0208 hours, officers responded to a night club fight in Belltown at closing time. While officers were attempting to break-up the fights in the parking lot, an individual attacked an officer from the rear and attempted to overpower the officer. Backing officers were able to stop the assault and take the suspect into custody. There were minor injuries to the arresting officers. The incident was screened by Lt.

#2022-042848/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

On 02-19-2022 at 1007 hours, units responded with Seattle Fire to a fire in a top floor unit of an apartment building. This gained a large response. SPD units provided traffic control for the scene. A Metro bus was requested for the displaced residents of the building. There were no injuries reported other than smoke inhalation. PEO units eventually were to take over traffic control, as the size of the closed area reduced. At time of this report the fire appeared to be accidental.

#2022-042947/Southwest Precinct/Second Watch:

On 02-19-2022 at 1241 hours, reporting party (RP) reported a shooting that occurred at SW Avalon Way and SW Spokane St. This incident started as a road rage disturbance at the large intersection of Delridge Way SW and SW Spokane St. The RP was driving east bound on SW Spokane when the suspect’s vehicle was driving “aggressively” past multiple vehicles. The RP indicated the suspect vehicle nearly struck or may have slightly struck his vehicle after a merge in which the suspect cut him off. This enraged the RP who merged in behind the suspect’s vehicle and began following him after honking and a mutual exchange of middle fingers (between himself and the suspect). At the intersection of 11th Ave SW and SW Spokane St the suspect leaned out the driver side window and fired approximately 4 times at the RP’s car. The suspect then quickly drove away, continuing east bound on SW Spokane St up and onto the West Seattle Bridge, towards 1st Ave S/ 4th Ave S/ S Columbian Way and the I5 North/South Interstate on ramps. The suspect’s vehicle was described only as a 4 door newer Lexus Sedan, black in color with no other distinguishable or unique markings. The RP’s vehicle had what appeared to be new damage, consistent with bullet damage.

#2022-043160/East Precinct/Second Watch:

On 02-19-2022 at 1712 hours, officers responded to a disturbance between neighboring tenants of an apartment building that escalated into a burglary and a stabbing. The victim tenant said that he got into a verbal altercation with tenants that live down the hall from him. When the altercation ended, he went into his apartment and shut the door. A short time later two of the tenants he had been in an argument with knocked on his door. The victim opened the door but when he saw who it was, he tried to close it. The suspect tenants overpowered him and forced their way inside and began to assault him. The victim retreated into his back bedroom, but the suspects continued to follow him and assault him. At this point the victim pulled out a pocketknife and slashed out at his attackers and cutting both in the process. The suspects stopped attacking the victim and the victim called 911 to request Police. Both Police and Fire resources responded to the scene and both suspects were transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening wounds. The two suspects will be charged with Investigation of Burglary upon their release. Homicide screened the stabbing.

#2022-043459/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 02-19-2022 at 2359 hours, officers were investigating an assault and trespassing call at a pizza restaurant near E Pike St and 10 Av. Officers detained the suspect and a bystander injected themselves into the investigation stating that they were a public defender. The subject that interjected into officers’ investigation was heavily intoxicated and continued to push past officers. The subject pushed one officer in the arm and chest twice. The subject was then placed under arrest for investigation of Assault-3 and obstructing. The officer did not sustain injuries. Duty Captain notified.