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Sunday – February 27, 2022

#2022-049731/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 02-27-2022 at 0220 hours, a victim was driving home from a casino on Renton Av S. A group of unidentified males was hanging out at Renton Av S / S Bozeman St near a red Honda CRV. When the victim drove past one of the males fired a 9mm pistol at the victim’s vehicle five times, striking the driver’s door four times. Somehow the victim was not hit. Officers recovered evidence of a shooting from the scene and responded to the victim’s address (approximately half a mile away) and recovered more evidence of a shooting from the floorboard of the victim’s vehicle. Speaking with the victim, it appears that this shooting was random, or a case of mistaken identity by the suspects.

#2022-050370/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 02-27-2022 at 2123 hours, four victims/family members were at home when five rounds were fired into their residence, into the front living room. It is believed that the suspects fired rounds from a vehicle as it passed by, but no vehicle description was available. Officers located evidence of a shooting in the street near the victim residence, and five bullet holes in and around the living room window. Officers attempted to retrieve more evidence of a shooting wedged in the living room drywall, but could not find it. The victims report that they have no idea who the suspects could be.