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Chief Diaz’s Letter to Officers About Downtown Emphasis Patrols

To the Members of the Seattle Police Department,

Over the next several weeks, our department will be launching an initiative to curb the violent criminal behavior in the area surrounding 3rd Ave., between Pike and Pine St. While we are engaged in operations in the 1500 block of 3rd Ave, the department also needs to maintain the results of the transformative police work which recently took place in the 12th Ave. S/S Jackson St. neighborhood. 

The department is deploying non-Patrol personnel to augment staffing in the 12th Ave. S/S Jackson St. neighborhood to meet the operation goals for each area while maintaining safe staffing levels for response to 911 calls for service. Additionally, this strategy will allow the West Precinct, CRG, and other proactive investigative units to focus efforts downtown. 

A rotation was created to split this work equitably amongst the department, which will rotate staffing the 12th Ave. S/S Jackson St. emphasis foot beats across the different bureaus. Each shift will be 6-hours in length (1000-1600hrs) and staffed with 3 OFCs/DETs and 2 Community Service Officers (CSOs). In addition, your Bureau Chiefs will have a Briefing Sheet containing other necessary details for the emphasis shifts.

Earlier today, I mentioned Stage 3 mobilization during an interview.  To be clear, we are not transitioning from a Stage 2 mobilization to a higher posture.  We are simply re-deploying a small contingent of Officers, Detectives, and Community Service Officers. Overtime related to personnel deployed for these emphasis shifts is approved.  Additionally, SPOC will be sending out volunteer requests for shifts to cover Saturdays and Sundays.  I encourage you to sign up and support our community that has gone through so much over the last few years.

I know these last 2-years have been a difficult time for our City, especially for you, our members of the Seattle Police Department. But, at the same time, I believe we have turned a corner and can make a positive impact with the support of Mayor Harrell, City Attorney Davison, and the great majority of the community members we serve.

The City of Seattle is fortunate to have every one of you. I am proud of your work every day.

Adrian Z. Diaz

Chief of Police

Seattle Police Department