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Chief Diaz’s Remarks on Investigation of Officers in DC and Year-End Crime Data

Today, Chief Diaz provided an update on the investigation announced on Friday, as well as the 2020 end-of-year crime statistics. From Chief Diaz: “As the Seattle Police Department stated on Friday, a member of SPD notified their chain of command that photos on social media showed several two SPD officers… [ Keep reading ]

SPD Officers in D.C. Referred to OPA

Today the Seattle Police Department was made aware that at least two of its officers were reportedly in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday. The Department fully supports all lawful expressions of First Amendment freedom of speech, but the violent mob and events that unfolded at the U.S. Capitol were unlawful and… [ Keep reading ]

Holiday Message to Officers from Chief Diaz

Hello and Happy Holidays, As we celebrate this joyous season, I want to offer my appreciation and thanks to each one of you. You have given so much to this department and City this year: During a once-in-a-generation pandemic you never stopped serving the people of this city or supporting each other. You facilitated civil rights… [ Keep reading ]

SPD Partners With Center for Policing Equity

Today the Seattle Police Department is launching an important new partnership with an organization known for reducing racial bias in public safety; the Center for Policing Equity (CPE). The CPE is a Los Angeles-based research and advocacy organization that produces analyses to identify and reduce the causes of racial disparities… [ Keep reading ]

A Letter From the Chief of Police to Officers

To the Members of the Seattle Police Department:                 I want to thank each of you for your ongoing dedication to this Department and this city. Many of you have made significant changes to your daily life in recent days to improve the SPD’s response to 911 calls and conditions throughout… [ Keep reading ]

Chief Diaz’s Message on Patrol Resources

To the Members of the Seattle Police Department – The mission of the Seattle Police Department centers on preventing and responding to criminal behavior. Throughout my time on the department, and I am sure long before then, we have repeatedly said that Patrol 911 Response is the backbone of the… [ Keep reading ]