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Sunday – May 29, 2022

#2022-135600/Southwest Precinct:

On 05-29-2022, a male stated that at midnight he was inside a trailer at the 7100 BLK of 2 Ave SW when a couple of guys forced their way inside the trailer. The victim stated that the males held him at gunpoint. According to the victim, the suspects tied him up, pistol whipped him, and left the scene with unknown items. The victim had a laceration on his head. Officers were informed about the robbery during an on-view warrant arrest of the victim. The victim stated that he knows the suspects, but he doesn’t want to cooperate with the investigation. The SPD Robbery Unit was notified about the incident.

#2022-135513/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 05-29-2022 at 0136 hours, witnesses described two separate parties met in the 1000 Block of Harbor AV SW at which point both parties exchanged gun fire. Witness vehicle was struck with at least two rounds. Both parties fled in separate directions on Harbor AV SW. Evidence of a shooting was recovered at the scene. No further property damage and no other shooting victims came forward.

#2022-135517/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 05-29-2022 at 0142 hours, a female stated that someone took her cell phone at a club, and she confronted the suspect. The female suspect, who was in a vehicle at the time, taunted the victim with the phone, and then pulled out a gun, firing a round into the air. The vehicle then fled but was located by patrol officers a short time later. Officers initiated a pursuit, and the suspect vehicle fled eastbound on I-90. Officers lost sight of the vehicle but were advised by WSP that the vehicle had been observed on DOT cameras exiting at Mercer Island. SPD, WSP, and Mercer Island PD responded to the area, but were unable to locate the suspect vehicle.

#2022-135548/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 05-29-2022 at 0250 hours, the victims were driving southbound on M L King Jr Wy S and were in the left turn lane to go eastbound on S Othello St. The suspect vehicle pulled up and cut them off in the turn lane. Both vehicles then turned eastbound onto Othello. The suspect vehicle stopped and the driver and passenger both exited the suspect vehicle and began firing handguns at the victims’ car. The victims backed up and attempted to flee southbound on M L King Jr Wy S, but they struck a curb, which disabled their vehicle. Both victims exited their vehicle and ran away westbound through New Holly. The driver of the victim vehicle realized that he had been shot in the shoulder. The victims hid in the back yard of a residence and observed the suspect vehicle driving through the area searching for them. The suspect vehicle was last seen leaving southbound on MLK from S Austin St. The victim was transported to HMC with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to his right shoulder. Officers recovered evidence of a shooting just to the east of MLK/Othello.

#2022-135568/East Precinct/First Watch:

On 05-29-2022 at 0344 hours, officers responded to 900 block of Mlk Jr Wy S for an occupied burglary. On arrival, officers located an SPD stolen vehicle that was unoccupied and running in the driveway. The vehicle had no plates and was run through dispatch. The vehicle came back as a Seattle stolen that was taken during an armed carjacking 22-135109. Officers cleared the vehicle and approached the basement door on the north side of the residence. Officers discovered that the basement door had been kicked in. The victim stated he heard multiple voices in the basement prior to calling 911. Dispatch came back with SPD info stating that the stolen vehicle was taken at gunpoint. Officers knocked and an unknown male passed by the window in the basement. Officers backed up to the entrance of the driveway and setup containment on the residence. Officers learned that one of the suspects matched the description of the robbery suspect that was driving the stolen vehicle in the driveway. Hostage Negotiation Team responded. Additional chain of comment was also advised. A search warrant was completed and brought to the scene. HNT was able to get compliance with a loudspeaker inside the residence down the stairwell. All four suspects came out one at a time and were taken into custody for residential burglary. Three of the suspects were juveniles and were booked into YSC and the fourth into KCJ. The victim gave officers consent to search the basement for weapons and officers recovered ammunition, but a firearm was not located in the residence. The stolen vehicle was impounded and taken to the processing unit for evidence. All four suspects were taken into custody without incident.

#2022-135627/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

On 05-29-2022 at 0613 hours, witnesses called 911 to report that a male at the 8800 BLK of 9 Ave SW shot approximately two to three times near a house. Witnesses reported that the suspect was on a roof at some point and then jumped off and left. Officers arrived and spoke to witnesses. It appears the suspect was possibly shooting at another male who was in the area of the 8800 BLK 9 Ave SW. It was reported that a silver sedan with a broken back window left the area. The area was canvassed for evidence and injuries. Evidence of a shooting was located on the side of a house and recovered. The occupant of the house was interviewed. At this time no injuries have been reported. An attempt was made to contact GVRU to advise them of the incident.

#2022-135881/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 05-29-2022 at 1322 hours, I observed a male walking down the sidewalk, bleeding heavily from the face. I asked the victim if he was okay, and he told me that he was just beaten with a pipe by a stranger. Victim said he was asleep under a blanket on a stairwell, when a man began yelling at him about flirting with the suspect’s girlfriend. The suspect then proceeded to beat the victim with a metal pipe or bar of some sort. The victim suffered numerous blunt force injuries to his head and a broken arm. Suspect was not located. Victim was transported to HMC and was said to be in stable condition. Homicide notified.