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Tuesday – May 31, 2022

#2022-137306/South Precinct/First Watch:

On 05-31-2022 at 0504 hours, officers responded to 3301 Beacon Ave S to investigate an arson. Seattle Fire Marshal was already on scene and the fire had been extinguished. The location is a two-story occupied apartment complex, and the fire was set in a dumpster on the north side of the building. Fire Marshal determined the fire was arson. The fire caused extensive damage to the north wall of the building, melting the siding on the first and second floor. Officers processed the crime scene and canvassed the area for surveillance cameras. SPD Arson Bomb Squad Sgt screened the event.

#2022-137512/North Precinct/First Watch:

On 05-31-2022 at 1000 hours, officers responded to a home daycare after two four-year-old children ran out of the residence unnoticed westbound with a seven-minute time delay. Numerous units including Patrol, CSOs, Harbor, CRG, and Guardian 1 responded to the area to search for the missing children. Approximately 30 minutes later, officers located the children in one of their residences which was a short distance away. The children had run straight from the daycare to the residence and were safe and unharmed. The children’s parents responded to the location and took custody of the children.

#2022-137601/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 05-31-2022 at 1150 hours, multiple callers reported a male shooting a gun and yelling bias remarks towards the street next to a very populated Green Lake park. Officers responded and formed a contact team and encountered the suspect and took him into custody without incident. Officers located multiple victims reporting that the suspect pointed a firearm at them causing fear for their life. CRT assisted. A search warrant was written on the suspect’s house and 3 bb guns were taken as evidence. CRT completed an ERPO on the suspect.

#2022-137988/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 05-31-2022 at 1840 hours, officers responded to the 4800 block of Sandpoint WY NE for simultaneous calls of a shooting, a suspicious call, and a burglary. The three calls described the suspect vehicles as a maroon Ford Escape SUV and white Nissan or Infiniti sedan. Callers reported that four males broke into a residence, stole a large gun safe, pushed the safe down the street, and loaded the safe into the Ford Escape. The white Infiniti followed closely behind. The vehicles began to drive away from the residence, and at some point, one of the vehicles’ occupants opened fire on a car (that was occupied and being driven) and a bullet struck the front grill. Officers responded to the residence where the burglary occurred and discovered that a large gun safe had been stolen that contained approximately 15 firearms. The driver of the vehicle that was hit by a bullet was not injured. A few minutes later, a resident in the 6100 Block of 12 AV NE reported that a white Infiniti sedan parked outside of her house. The occupant got out of the vehicle, went to the back porch, changed his clothing, and walked away. Officers responded and found the white Infiniti. The vehicle appeared to have an AR-15 and body armor inside (visible through the window). The vehicle was registered to an address in Lakewood, WA. K9 responded, searched the area, but did not locate the suspects. The car was impounded to the vehicle processing room for further investigation. GVRU and Public Affairs notified. The maroon Ford Escape is still at large. Lakewood PD contacted the registered owner of the Infiniti, who claimed to have sold the car in 2021.

#2022-138008/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 05-31-2022 at 1858 hours, several 911 calls came in for a male in crisis in the 400 BLK of 15 AVE E running up to businesses stating that people with guns were trying to kill him. An additional call came in that the same male had driven a vehicle into the side of a busy restaurant. Officers responded and located the male still in the vehicle, which was wedged into the front entrance of the restaurant. The suspect was taken into custody without incident and subsequently admitted to ramming the restaurant to get a faster police response. The suspect appeared to be in crisis and was arrested for felony malicious mischief and processed for DUI. There were no injuries to the patrons or workers of the restaurant.

#2022-138108/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

On 05-31-2022 at 2117 hours, officers reported to the 9200 Block of 16 AV SW for a report of a stabbing. Officers later determined that the victim and another known party had a scuffle in which the suspect drew a box cutter and slashed the victim on the left side of his neck. The suspect fled on foot, a K9 arrived and conducted a track with negative results. The victim was treated on scene by Seattle Fire for minor injuries.