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Monday – June 20, 2022

#2022-157376/West Precinct/First Watch:

On 06-20-2022 at 0516 hours, SPD units were dispatched to 2nd Avenue and Pike Street to assist Seattle Fire with a fire in an abandoned multi-story building. The building was not being used a business or residential unit but was being used as an encampment. SFD investigators believe the fire was started by community members inside the encampment. The fire was contained inside the building and did not spread to other buildings. There were not any reported injuries. The incident was screened by Lt. and SFD investigators did not request an SPD ABS response but will forward their findings.

#2022-157389/West Precinct/First Watch:

On 06-20-2022 at 0601 hours, near a growing encampment near 7th Avenue S. and S. Main Street, officers approached a suspicious vehicle that was occupied with two individuals who were slumped over in the running vehicle. Officers positioned their car out of the direct path of the vehicle. Officers contacted the driver and the passenger, and they both exited the vehicle. The male passenger began fighting with one of the officers. The other officer went to assist, and the female driver returned to the vehicle and drove forward and then turned into a parked vehicle and then struck the patrol car. The driver attempted to pick up the passenger, but officers had the passenger detained and the driver fled the scene. One officer sustained minor injuries and the suspect was taken to KCJ for Assault 3. The suspicious vehicle was discovered to be an unreported stolen vehicle. The incident was screened by LT.

#2022-157909/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 06-20-2022 at 1825 hours, a caller reported hearing 15 to 20 shots fired in the area of the Atlantic City Boat Ramp in the 8700 Block of Seward Park AV S. Callers reported two vehicles and an individual who was on foot fleeing the scene. Officers responded and recovered evidence of a shooting. Officers identified at least three buildings that were struck with gunfire in the Lake Washington Apartments, 9061 Seward Park AV S. Officers confirmed no occupants of those buildings were injured. Officers recovered a bullet from inside an infant’s bedroom in one of the buildings. A fourth building, at 9050 Seward Park AV S was hit. The resident recovered a bullet in the headrest of his couch. The bullet had penetrated his apartment wall and lodged into a pillow. A woman running from the gunfire fell and hurt her hand. The woman’s baby fell out of its stroller. Seattle Fire responded and treated their injuries. No other people were reported injured during this incident. Officers recovered evidence, took statements, and canvassed the area. GVRU was notified. Lt. responded to the scene. Public Affairs was notified.