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Thursday – June 30, 2022

#2022-166916/West Precinct/First Watch:

On 06-30-2022 at 0408 hours, SPD was requested for traffic control at a large building fire in Belltown. Numerous Seattle Fire units were on scene and the surrounding blocks while the fire was being fought. This was an abandoned building where SPD officers had cleared out trespassers over the last couple of days. No known injuries or deaths at the time of this writing and cause of fire remains unknown. Per SFD, Fire Marshal will be investigating. SPD’s ABS was also contacted and advised of the call.

#2022-166976/North Precinct/First Watch:

On 06-30-2022 at 0654 hours, officers responded to assist Seattle Fire with a fully engulfed RV at the homeless encampment in the 11700 Block of Stone Av N. Officers determined the fire was intentionally set by an acquaintance of the owner, and the RV was occupied at the time the fire was set. Fire Marshal and SPD’s ABS were notified. Several hours later the female returned to the area and admitted to starting the fire to an uninvolved party that immediately called the police. The suspect was arrested for Arson 1 and will be booked into KCJ.

#2022-166982/North Precinct/First Watch:

On 06-30-2022 at 0707 hours, officers responded to a crisis call regarding a disoriented male who had jumped a fence. Upon contact, the male lunged at an officer and grabbed his holster in an effort to get the officer’s gun. The suspect was unsuccessful and was taken into custody without further incident. The officer was uninjured. Post Miranda the suspect related that he wanted to get the officer’s gun and shoot himself in the head. The suspect had been ITA’d the day before for jumping in front of a car in an attempt to kill himself. The suspect was transported to KCJ and booked on Assault 3. A short time later, officers received a call from the suspect’s father requesting a welfare check on his son. The father was concerned about his son’s state of mind and related that the son has several guns in his apartment. Currently, CRT and West officers are in the process of obtaining an ERPO to recover the suspect’s guns. Call screened with Homicide, CRT.

#2022-167137/North Precinct/First Watch:

On 06-30-2022, officers responded to a shooting in the 9000 block 6 Ave NW. The suspect shot one round at several construction workers and then fled on foot before officers arrived. No one was injured. The primary officers located evidence and the suspect has been identified. Screened with Homicide.

#2022-168524/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 06-30-2022 at 1130 hours, a woman was facing a coffee shop in the 5000 block of Brooklyn Av Ne when an unknown male shoved her to the ground and then walked away. The victim felt that she was targeted because of her race. The suspect was described as male standing between 5’8 and 5’10, wearing a black and red jacket and a black backpack. There was no area check for the suspect because she waited a day to report it. However, officers later responded to the area and located possible evidence.

#2022-167368/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 06-30-2022 at 1508 hours, a suspect entered a lock out building via unknown means. Once inside, he took all his clothing off, attempted to enter a locked business and began to masturbate. Victim was in the hallway, attempting to go to the bathroom when she came across suspect. Victim feared for her safety and ran from the area. Other staff in the building attempted to get the suspect to leave, but he refused, and physically resisted their attempts to remove him. When officers arrived, they convinced the suspect to get dressed. Suspect was ultimately arrested for investigation of Indecent Exposure (prior conviction and children under 14) and investigation of burglary. While on scene the daycare across the street said four of their employees and 12 young children observed the suspect standing naked on the sidewalk dancing. Parents of the daycare children will be notified by staff. SAU advised.

#2022-167415/South Precinct/Second Watch:

On 06-30-2022 at 1600 hours, it was reported by HMC personnel that a juvenile gunshot victim walked into HMC with a gunshot wound at about 1500 hrs. Several officers responded to the scene. The juvenile victim had limited information on the suspect but stated that he was shot by an unknown person that had stepped out of a car. The victim had no description. The victim told officers he had been shot in the Rainier Valley in Seattle but could not or would not be more specific. Officers interviewed the juvenile victim with his mother present. The gunshot wound was not life threatening. GVRU was notified of the incident.

#2022-167429/West Precinct/Second Watch:

On 06-30-2022 at 1613 hours, a female victim was walking in the 100 block of Republican when she felt an unknown man (suspect) reach into her rear pants pocket and grab her buttocks. Victim said, the suspect also removed her cell phone from the same pocket. Victim followed the suspect, asking him to return her phone. Suspect refused to return the phone. The disturbance garnered the attention of others and when they came to the aid of the victim, the suspect threw the phone onto a nearby building. Suspect then fled the area and was not located. Officers and a detective were able to identify the suspect, who has not yet been located.

#2022-167537/North Precinct/Second Watch:

On 06-30-2022 at 1700 hours, CRG conducted a proactive operation along the Aurora AV N corridor. Officers observed a known DOC escape suspect who was contacted and arrested. Search incident to arrest officers seized 30.3G crack, 6.3g Heroin, 33.5g PCP, and $826 along with other paraphernalia consistent with street level narcotics dealing. Suspect arrested for warrant and VUCSA PWI.

#2022-167535/North Precinct/Second Watch:

06-30-2022 at 1828 hours, officers responded to a home in the 12300 block of 35 Av Ne, where a 74-year-old man had been found deceased by a woman claiming to be his girlfriend/ex-girlfriend, who said that she’d been out of town for the past couple of weeks and returned to find the 74-year-old had passed. The body was covered by laundry. When the Medical Examiner arrived, she suspected the body had been deceased for longer than two weeks and appeared as if it may have been moved. Homicide responded to the scene.

#2022-167537/North Precinct/Third Watch:

On 06-30-2022 at 1830 hours, CRG was conducting a proactive operation along the Aurora AV N corridor when an occupied stolen vehicle was located and stopped. A short foot pursuit ensued, and the suspect was taken into custody. Suspect had warrants for DOC escape and Assault 2.

#2022-167652/South Precinct/Third Watch:

On 06-30-2022 at 2053 hours, a civilian called 911 stating they had heard several shots in the area. Officers responded to the location, and observed a vehicle parked on the street with extensive bullet damage. The owner of the vehicle, who lives across the street from where the vehicle was parked, stated she has no idea why anyone would shoot her vehicle, and did not see anything. A passerby reported seeing a disturbance in the street in front of the residence that included people from the residence but was not able to state what had occurred. Evidence of a shooting was located in and around both sides of the vehicle. Because of the location of the damage to the vehicle, it appeared there were possibly two shooters, standing on either side of the vehicle, possibly shooting at each other.