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Saturday – November 5, 2022

#2022-298296/East Precinct/Third Watch:

On 11-05-2022 at 2120 hours officers responded to HMC for a gunshot wound (GSW) victim who was admitted around 1820 hours. Detectives were notified by KCSO of the possible GSW victim at HMC and were seeking additional information. Detectives checked with radio, who was unaware of the incident. Radio followed up with ER staff and discovered the victim was there being treated. The victim is a 16yo male who was with a friend driving through a neighborhood when he was shot. The victim was uncooperative with officers and would not, or could not, advise where the actual shooting took place. GVRU notified. Officers collected the subject’s clothing and completed a report.

#2022-297207/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

At 1951 hours, officers responded to 5000 block of 25 Ave SW to a report of shots heard along a nearby park. Officers located the scene and found evidence of a shooting in the middle of the road. Witnesses had limited information and no suspect physical description or vehicle description were provided. An area check found no injured persons and no property damage. GVRU notified.

#2022-298318/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

At 2151 hours, officers responded to a report of shots heard near 29 Ave SW and SW Morgan St. Additional calls to 911 indicated that possible parties involved were running in multiple directions. A possible victim description was provided by callers and officers located him near the scene. The victim was uninjured and stated that he and 2 friends had just arrived at the location after visiting a cannabis dispensary in White Center. As they were about to spark an unknown male emerged from an alley and began firing at them without provocation. The victim(s) immediately fled on foot. The single suspect fled the scene on foot and an area check did not locate him at this time. Evidence of a shooting was recovered from the scene. Guardian One was unavailable and a K9 Track was not feasible. GVRU was notified. Patrol processed the scene. Two vehicles and 2 homes were struck by gunfire. Victims were notified of the damage.

#2022-298422/East Precinct/Third Watch:

At 2345 hours, officers responded to 1300 block of E John St to a possible shooting call. Officers conducted an area check but did not locate any signs of a disturbance. Shortly later, a female subject walked into the ER at Swedish First Hill Hospital with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to her thigh. The victim was not cooperative with officers and stated that a male approached her and tried to talk with her. Shortly later, he pulled a firearm out of his waistband and fired at her. Unknown what direction he left. GVRU was notified of this incident.