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Police in South Park Arrest Woman, Recover Stolen Car, Mail

Police arrested a woman in a stolen vehicle Wednesday morning, after her attempts to flee from officers resulted in a scene reminiscent of Austin Powers attempting to 18-point turn a shuttle cart in a hallway.

At 10:17 a.m., police in the 7700 block of Detroit Avenue Southwest spotted a parked Ford Escape with no license plates. When officers checked the temporary plate in the rear window, they learned it was associated with a different car, a Toyota.

Officers drove up to the front of the Ford and activated their lights and sirens. The woman in the driver’s seat quickly put the car in reverse and tried to drive away. However, she immediately crashed into a police vehicle which had pulled in behind her. The woman then drove forward and collided with the first police car. She continued to drive forward and in reverse multiple times, bumping back and forth against the two police vehicles.

Eventually, the driver surrendered, and police took her into custody.

The woman was in possession of multiple credit cards, checks, IDs, and more than 200 pieces of mail, which did not appear to belong to the suspect. Officers also learned the Ford had been reported stolen in King County, and found a ballistic vest inside that had been stolen from a law enforcement agency.

Police booked the 33-year-old woman into King County Jail for possession of a stolen vehicle, eluding, possession of stolen property, theft of mail, and financial fraud.