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Police Seize Meth, Fentanyl, Heroin After Tuesday Morning DUI Arrest

Officers arrested a man for DUI and seized methamphetamine, fentanyl, and heroin from his car Tuesday morning in the Atlantic neighborhood.

At approximately 7:00 a.m., a passerby reported seeing two people slumped over in a running car. Officers responded to check on the individuals and saw narcotics paraphernalia around the man in the driver’s seat of the car share vehicle. Officers used several blasts from a police car air horn to wake the passenger, who began to rouse the driver. When both occupants stepped out of the car, officers could see narcotics on the driver’s floorboard and in the center console.

The driver was placed under arrest for driving under the influence of intoxicants, and police applied for a search warrant to seize narcotics from the vehicle. After a judge approved the warrant, officers found approximately 200 fentanyl pills, 9 grams of heroin, 47 grams of methamphetamine, and 3 grams of another amphetamine.

Police booked the 31-year-old driver into King County Jail, and identified and released the passenger at the scene.