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Thursday – July 27, 2023

#2023-212624/West Precinct/First Watch:

At 0454 hrs. officers responded to a woman in distress in the 2200 block of 4th Avenue South. The victim alleged the suspect assaulted her and her infant son. A witness intervened, and both victims were able to leave the suspect’s apartment and call 911. Officers developed P/C to arrest the suspect for Investigation of Assault on both victims. The suspect locked the door and refused to come out. HNT and SWAT responded to the scene. The primary Officer obtained a search warrant. SWAT executed the warrant. The suspect was arrested and booked into KC Jail. Both victims were transported to the hospital for medical evaluation.

#2023-212751/East Precinct/First Watch:

At 0756 hrs. officers were dispatched to a disturbance regarding a male who was refusing to let staff into his apartment to check on water leaking from his unit. The caller stated the male seemed to be in crisis as he was crying and needed to be checked on. Prior to officers arriving the reporting party called 911 to report after making entry into his unit they believed the subject was operating a methamphetamine lab out of his unit. Prior to officers arriving the subject left his unit. Officers arrived and spoke to the reporting party and determined the unit was not safe to enter as the reporting party found buckets that contained an unknown substance with tubes coming out of the buckets in the subjects unit. Seattle Fire and their hazmat team arrived and took control of the scene. After entering the apartment they located evidence of narcotics use as well as suspicious substances which were tested on scene by SFD. SFD determined the building was safe for the occupants. The incident was screened with 241 and ABS.

#2023-212932/East Precinct/First Watch:

At 1128 hrs. while on routine patrol, an Officer observed a disturbance between two males. After getting out of his patrol vehicle to investigate, he observed drug paraphernalia and two motorcycles one without a plate and one with ignition damaged. The subjects were detained and found to be in possession of the stolen vehicles. The subjects were placed under arrest and searched incident to arrest were found to be in possession of suspected Fentanyl tablets, cocaine, methamphetamine and generic Adderall tablets as well as burglary tools.

#2023-213241/West Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1621 hrs. in Westlake Park, officers responded to a report of a suspect who approached several victims and assaulted one of them because of their religion and what they were preaching. Emphasis Officers arrived and arrested the suspect. He was booked into KC Jail for Investigation of Hate Crime.