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Tuesday- November 7, 2023

#2023-322252/South Precinct/First Watch:

Officers responded to an attempted stabbing with no injuries. Both subjects were on scene and were detained by officers. Officers determined that the suspect got into an argument with the victim over the suspect’s car. The suspect stated he was going to get a gun and went out to his car. The suspect retrieved a knife and then returned to the victim. A physical fight ensued and the victim fell down. The suspect stood over the victim and made multiple attempts to stab the victim. The victim was able to keep the suspect away using his feet. Multiple witnesses verified this series of events. The suspect was arrested and was transported to KCJ.

#2023-322857/Southwest Precinct/First Watch:

An official with a Seattle area synagogue received a suspicious envelope in the mail. He reported the item to 911 and requested a police response. SPD/ABS took custody of the item. 252 on scene, PIO was notified.

#2023-323053/West Precinct/Third Watch:

Officers were dispatched to a robbery at a drug store in Magnolia. The suspects had entered the store armed with pistols, pushed an employee down to the ground and demanded that the other employee open the safe. The employee opened the safe. The suspects removed approximately $4000 in cash and coins from the safe and fled the scene. Officers followed a trail of coins into a nearby alleyway where they located a witness. The witness had observed a vehicle that sped away from the scene just prior to officers’ arrival. Officers determined that the vehicle was a stolen vehicle. Robbery and 213 were notified.