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Thursday– May 16, 2024

#2024-132539/North Precinct/Third Watch:

At 2109 hours, Officers located and arrested a suspect who had generated several calls within an hour, which culminated in the final call and arrest for occupied residential burglary and attempted carjacking. The suspect presented as being highly paranoid and had been claiming that someone had been chasing him trying to kill him. The suspect injured himself after forcing himself through a closed window breaking it, then leaping from a second story balcony to continue to run. The suspect is currently being treated at HMC for his injuries and will remain with a hospital guard until he is booked.

#2024-132749/South Precinct/First Watch:

At 0500 hours, Officers responded to a DV disturbance in R3. Officers contacted an uncooperative suspect. Officers developed probable cause to arrest the suspect for DV Residential Burglary. The suspect continued to be uncooperative during the escort to a patrol car and while she was being searched. As suspect was being placed in the back of a patrol car, she bit one of the officer’s hands while he was wearing gloves. The officer sustained bite marks/minor redness as the bite mark did not break his skin. Suspect was transported to KCJ where she was booked for DV Residential Burglary and Assault 3. 251 was notified and a hazard report was completed.

#2024-133087/West Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1204 hours, Officers were dispatched to disturbance call at a park in the CID. When patrol arrived and contacted all parties involved, the officers established PC for DV assault. During the arrest, the female suspect kicked the officer in the leg and attempted to head kick same officer soon after (did not make contact). The suspect also attempted to bite the primary officer but was unsuccessful. No officers were injured, and the suspect was booked into KCJ for felony assault. Incident was screened with 212.

#2024-133489/North Precinct/Second Watch:

At 1826 hours, multiple RPs called 911 to report a male that appeared high was on school grounds, currently in a parking lot, spitting at and inappropriately touching female students. Officers arrived and contacted the male who was suspected of being under the influence of an unknown substance based on his elevated manic state. The suspect was detained. Multiple female juvenile victims were located at the scene and probable cause was established for felony harassment and child molestation in the 3rd degree. SFD responded to the scene and evaluated the suspect. The suspect was arrested and transported to KCJ. Incident was screened with SAU.

#2024-133544/North Precinct/Third Watch:

At 2100 hours, Officers were dispatched to a disturbance call at listed location. Officers developed probable cause for Assault 4- DV. When they attempted to place the suspect under arrest, the suspect became combative. The suspect spat in one officer’s face and kicked a second officer in the head. The suspect was quickly taken into custody. Suspect was booked into King County Jail for 2 counts of Assault 3 and Assault 4 DV. Hazard reports, on duty injury paperwork and exposure packet completed. 223 was also on scene for incident.

#2024-133590/West Precinct/Third Watch:

At 2050 hours, West Precinct officers were dispatched to the 700 BLK of S Dearborn St to investigate a reported brandishing incident. Officers were contacted by a Homicide Detective who informed them that the internet personality known as “Deadshot Journalist” had reportedly made a social media post announcing his presence at the club located at the above listed address. “Deadshot” is known on social media to post information regarding local crimes and has made a possible target on his back. It is highly likely that Deadshot posted this information in hopes that some sort of confrontation would occur. Also of note, the description provided by Deadshot nearly identically matched that of the club owner. He believes that “Deadshot” intentionally broadcast the other description as Deadshot’s own. The owner did not want to be the victim of a crime but did request police presence around the club. Additionally, he opted to close the club for the night in order to stave off any potential violence that could be generated by Deadshot’s post. Deadshot later posted that he would be changing venues to an address in the North Precinct. North Precinct Officers were subsequently made aware of this change of venue. As of the writing of there has been no follow-up incidents relating the supposed change of venue.