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Friday– June 7, 2024

#2024-154103/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

At 0155 hours, SPD received a report of a collision located at the 7100 BLK of 28 Ave SW. Officers responded and saw that a vehicle struck an unoccupied vehicle. The driver was identified and placed in custody for DUI. Officers recovered a backpack from the suspect. Search incident to arrest officers located inside the backpack a loaded Glock with an extended magazine attached to a drum. The suspect was transported to the hospital for a blood draw. The suspect was booked for Unlawful Poss of a Firearm and charges were requested for the DUI. A photo of the firearm and magazines were sent to SPDNEWS.

#2024-154156/Southwest Precinct/Third Watch:

At 0330 hours, Officers responded to 711 for an assault call located at the 4800 BLK of Erskine Wy SW. Officers arrived and saw the suspect. The suspect was sprayed with mace by a security guard prior to officers’ arrival. Officers placed the suspect in handcuffs due to his agitated state. A White officer and Black officer were controlling the suspect’s arms while he was handcuffed. The suspect kept cursing and calling the White officer names. The suspect made threats to assault the same officer. The suspect spit and it struck the officer on his boot and on the bottom of his pant leg. The suspect focused many of his statements at the White officer even though there was also a Black officer controlling his arm too. The suspect was arrested for Hate Crime. A spit sock was applied. I was on scene during the crime, witnessed it, and screened it. Once the suspect was identified it was determined that he had a felony warrant out of Los Angeles AOB $51,000. The warrant was verified. The suspect was transported to HMC due to his agitated state, and him refusing to allow SFD to treat him on scene. 211 was notified about the incident. A hazard report was completed. All required notifications were made. The suspect will be booked for Hate Crime, Felony Harassment against security, and INV of fugitive.

#2024-154678/North Precinct/Second Watch:

At approx. 1500hrs, caller reported observing a person shooting a gun from a vehicle at another vehicle while they were traveling on the roadway. Several callers reported hearing shots in the area and seeing two vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed. Responding Officers were able to find shell casings. There were no reports of any property damage, and no persons were found to be shot at this time. An area check for the vehicles was negative. 222 and Media aware of call.